About Us

Authentic. Fun. Full Of Passion.

Jessica Rush and Sloan Dwyer lead the Gia Rose Tribe. This is an image of them together next to a brick wall. 

Gia Rose, a women’s clothing boutique in Parsons, Kansas, was founded out of a passion to serve. 

Owner Jessica Rush created Gia Rose with a clear vision to foster authenticity, spread compassion, to build up her local community, and most of all to have FUN. Gia Rose is operated by local women of Parsons, Kansas. They call themselves the Gia Rose Tribe (a group of girlfriends that promote each other) and welcome you to join them. 

Jessica isn’t the fashionista you think a boutique owner would be, quite the opposite actually, but she does love entrepreneurship, empowering others and achieving the impossible. She’s often found behind the scenes, coming up with approximately 103 ideas a day for the boutique and initiating forward movement within the Gia Rose Leadership Team.

That being said, you’ve gotta meet Sloan aka Sloanie. The lady who runs the ship on the daily.  Most locals already know her, but if you don’t she’s the gal who knows what’s popular and trendy, loves to have fun and laugh, isn’t afraid of hard work, and loves helping others. She’s the one who Jessica runs all of her crazy ideas past, and helps decide which ideas get the greenlight and which get put into file thirteen. 

When you shop at Gia Rose our top priority is for you to receive superior customer service!  We want you to feel welcome, at home and comfortable when you shop with us. When you step through our doors in the heart of charming downtown Parsons KS, or click onto our site, we want you to have a refreshing and welcoming experience. 

In addition to superior service, we hand pick the most fashion forward pieces from each line.  Whether you need a head to toe look, to get your friend a fun giftie, to pick the perfect fitting pair of jeans or to grab a couple of accessories to complete an outfit we want you to be able to find what you need at Gia Rose.