You were born to stand out. Why dress like everyone else?

Gia Rose is a woman owned & operated business created to help empower our local community to feel happy, strong and confident by offering unique styling choices for everybody...and every body! 

When you step through the doors of our charming location in the heart of downtown Parsons KS, or click onto our site, we welcome you as part of our tribe. 

We do everything in our power to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you need a head to toe look, to pick the perfect fitting pair of jeans or a couple of accessories to complete an outfit.

In addition to superior service, we hand pick the most fashion forward pieces from each line. This makes your life easier... there is no need to filter through a bunch of the ordinary to find the extraordinary! 

With Gia Rose' experienced staff you can rely on a more stylish, unique look! Every time. It’s like working with a personal stylist with each shopping experience. 

We take great pride in carrying this commitment through our online shopping experience as well. You can shop with confidence knowing that we’re always just a call away when our store is open. And that we’re just an email away when it is not.  

Stop by or click below & find the look to express yourself through your unique style!

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