Winter Skin Care Tips - How to Have a Spa Day at Home

No matter how much water I drink, my skin is still SOOO dry in the winter! And after this holiday season, I don’t have it in my budget to go to the spa and de-stress while I get some deep moisturizing treatments. So grab some gals (or do it solo - sometimes to de-stress, you need to be alone), and have a spa day at home with these winter skin care tips.

Set the tone

It’s hard to relax and feel like you’re at the spa when you’re still in your apartment. So throw on a robe, some comfy, squishy slippers, dim or turn off the lights, draw the curtains, andlight a candle. Make sure you set your Spotify playlist to something relaxing, like ambient spa music, and just take a few deep breaths while you’re trying not to think about putting your laundry away.

Start the pampering

Grab some coconut oil out of the kitchen and skip the expensive deep conditioning treatments by slathering it on the rough patches of skin - your elbows, knees, and heels.

Next, make a banana mask for your hair and wrap it in a warm towel for about 40 minutes. The potassium in bananas helps keep your hair healthy and improve its texture, while also protecting it. This is GREAT for my dry, damaged hair. All you need is a ripe banana and 2 tablespoons of olive oil - boom. Instant hair mask.

Now that your hair is all tucked in a towel, make a facemask with some plain yogurt. Yogurt helps to reduce fine lines and clear up any blemishes. Up your facemask game with some oatmeal or honey - trust me, your pores will thank you. Throw some cucumber slices on your eyes to help hydrate the delicate skin there and put the rest in your water for a real spa experience. Once I’m done, I like to give myself a little face massage to keep the blood circulating.

When you’re ready to hop in the shower to rinse out your hair mask, you can exfoliate with a homemade sugar scrub with (you guessed it!) sugar, coconut oil, and essential oils (I like to use eucalyptus). The sugar gently exfoliates any dead skin, while the coconut oil moisturizes your dry skin - and the oil makes you feel tingly and smell like heaven. You can switch it up and make a coffee scrub with coffee grounds, cinnamon, and coconut oil - which is great for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

If you’re planning on shaving while you’re in the shower, dry brush your skin with a natural bristle brush to cut down on ingrown hairs and razor burn. 

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure with a lemon-sugar hand scrub made from 1 part oil, 2 parts sugar, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Finish up with your favorite polish and voila! Hands that you want to show off.

Indulging in some self-care is never selfish. Spa the day away!