What to Wear Right Now Regardless of if the Groundhog Sees His Shadow

Posted by Gia Rose

What to Wear Right Now Regardless of if the Groundhog Sees His Shadow

The new year is off to a great start! Most of us are feeling delighted while also treading lightly, based on 2020's track record. But whatever 20201 has in store for us, one thing is for sure: we’re almost around the winter bend. That means crisp will be met with sunny skies, and we’ll start to get a few sights of glorious spring foliage.

So what should you be wearing? Whether the Groundhog sees his shadow  next week or not, here are some top-notch tips for transitional pieces that will take you from winter wonderland to spring fling.

Layers Are Your Best Friend

You busted out your layers when you noticed the leaves falling and needed fall outfit essentials. Well, now it’s time to do things backward. One of our favorite layered combos is a long-sleeved shirt with a springtime, flowy dress. Why? Because you can still stay warm and cozy, even wearing your favorite spring dress that’s oozing with a flirtatious attitude. Suppose you have a bodysuit, that works even better!

Another layering must-have are trusty leggings. (Seriously, is there anything these babies can’t do?) You know you have a pair lined up in your dresser. Go edgy with a pair of eye-catching faux leather wonders, or keep it subtle with a lovely shade of grey, green, red, or pink. 

Ditch the Thigh-Highs and Swap for Booties

Your thigh-high winter boots with your coziest dress and coat were a charming combination, but it just doesn’t say spring. Now's the time to bust out your go-to booties. The best part is, booties aren’t limited. They can pair with any number of springy styles, whether you’re opting for high-rise denim or want to get leggy with a skirt.

Lightweight Jackets

Sweatshirts and sherpa-lined delights will keep you snug in the snow, but they don’t work well with rising springtime temps. What’s a girl to do? Don’t worry; you have options. Jean jackets are all-the-rage and can quickly revamp your entire look. Want something more casual? A simple coat over your favorite tees will ensure you stay fashionable and warm. 

The best part is, wearing a jacket will keep you prepared. We can all agree that spring is a quirky season. Sometimes it’s blistering in the morning, only to end up toasty by the afternoon. By wearing a jacket over your dresses and tees, you’re prepared for anything that springtime might send your way. It’s no wonder why lightweight jackets are an essential transitional clothing item!

Jumpsuits to the Rescue

Does anyone else love jumpsuits as much as I do? I love jumpsuits because not only are they oh-so-comfortable, but they’re fashion-forward, too. That’s a formidable combination to appease! Well, jumpsuits also make for excellent interim pieces. Jumpsuits quickly gel with favorite sweaters, which you’re going to need, considering you’re likely to wear springy sandals down below.

Preparing for finicky February weather doesn’t have to be tricky. As long as you have a few springy faves in your arsenal, you can combat whatever weather 2021 throws at us. Opt for layering faves like long sleeves and replace thigh-highs with booties. Don’t forget to bring along a cute jacket if the temps dip - after all, it’s going to be 2021. Who knows what’s in store!