What to Wear on Thanksgiving


It’s mid November at this point. Thanksgiving is creeping upon us, and if you’re like me you already have picked options for your Thanksgiving outfit. Yes, you are just going to your living room, or another member of your family’s living room, but the outfit matters. As Sloan would say, “Do it for the ‘gram.”

Today I’m sharing looks for Thanksgiving for every girl; for your Friendsgiving parties, family Thanksgiving dinners, sipping coffee and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, or even the infamous “Night Before Thanksgiving” hangout with your friends and everyone else in town.


Flowy Maxi Dress

You guys know that I’ve been obsessed with these long “prairie” dresses since basically August. I wore my dress in Nashville and got SO many compliments. One girl told me she had “been influenced” and y’all know that just made myday.

The thing about these flowy maxis is that not only are they ridiculously comfortable (as in eat as much as you want and you’ll never be able to tell), but they’re basically weatherproof. We live in Kansas. It could be snowing or 80 degrees on Thanksgiving, the lightweight fabric and long sleeves can be adaptable to whatever Mother Nature has planned.

This leopard dot dress is one of my favorite items we’ve gotten in this fall! It’s not a maxi, but it’s a fantastic option for Thanksgiving. We’ve all seen the meme about being the “Kim” of the family, and you can embrace your role in this dress. A dress is also a great way to go if you take family photos on Thanksgiving.


leopard print flowy maxi dress image


Graphic Tee and High waisted jeans

You knew a Graphic Tee was on the list, of course it’s on the list. In September I purchased a Thanksgiving graphic tee and a pair of the Risen high waisted jeans for Friendsgiving at Sloan’s house. Snag the Pie Hard tee and you’re set. Now, I know what you’re thinking“Jodeci, JEANS on Thanksgiving!? And high-waisted at that? You’re wild´ I warned you, I like to show out.

Also, high waisted jeans are flattering, and you can always change into leggings for when the feasting begins. Something about tucking a shirt into high waisted jeans makes you look a little more fashionable and put together, add a cardigan and booties to complete the look.Felt hats are also a hot accessory this fall, we’ve got a few left in store!


pie hard graphic tee image


Sweatsuit Set

Alright, where are all my comfort first ladies?! This is for you. Maybe your family isn’t going all out this year? Or maybe you’re quarantined at home alone or whatever the reason might be. If you’re not dressing up for the living room but still want to feel put together for the ‘gram, a sweatsuit set is for you. The Rust Something Set even comes in the perfect fall color palette. This is especially great if you get down on the floor for a board game tournament with your family.


image of a sweatsuit set from Gia Rose


Leggings and cozy cardi

Last, what I assume to be most everyone’s Thanksgiving outfit, Leggings and a cozy cardigan. After all, we're just going to the living room, right? Well, take this simple and comfy option and jazz it up! Maybe your cardigan has ruffles? Or it’s more of a duster, than a traditional cardigan. Traditional and Comfortable do not equalboring. Pair a duster like thisone with a graphic tee, your favorite leggings, and some cozy socks while you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.



I love Thanksgiving, not the Holiday itself, but gathering with family and friends and the anticipation that the Christmas season is just minutes away. I especially love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I can remember waking up early and the parade playing on the TV while I helped my grandma make pumpkin pies before we headed to the family gathering. What are your favorite holiday or Thanksgiving traditions?