Weekend Getaway Essentials

I am the self-proclaimed queen of weekend getaways. Whether I’m roadtripping to Kansas City or catching a quick flight to Texas, I love a weekend getaway. I’ve also gotten really good at packing in a carryon, which is shocking, because I am a chronic overpacker. I’m going to share some of my weekend getawaymust haves, items I just can’t leave behind.

First, the trick to packing light is packing cubes. I got some in my mom’s FabFitFun last year and they have changed the way I travel. Not only do they save major space in my suitcase or weekender, they keep everything organized!Pro tip: pack an extra one to toss dirty clothes in so they’re separated from the clean clothes.

Gotta give it up to Sloan, she introduced me to hanging travel cosmetic bags, instead of having 3 or 4 mini bags taking up room, this bad boy fits all the mini bottles, your makeup, hair accessories, and almost anything else in a neat roll up bag. It even comes with a hanger so you can hang it in a hotel bathroom.While we’re talking about packing, a good weekender bag is key. You don’t always need to haul a suitcase in your car or through the airport. If you’re in the market for a new weekender tote, we’ve got some great, sturdy options from Myra! Check them outhere. Depending on the weekend agenda and how long I’m going to be gone, I can squeeze it all into a weekender bag. I’m tempting to snag thisGirl’s Trip tote, although I definitely do not need it.

I love purses, and when I’m going away for the weekend I like to utilize my crossbody bags. They can fit in a larger tote  if you’re travelling, they’re easy to throw on and go and if you’re out shopping, eating, or sightseeing a crossbody bag is the most functional of all the purses. I likethisone for when I’m going to a nice dinner, remember those? But thisblack crossbody is perfect for a day of shopping or sipping at a winery.

My next “must have” is my Apple Airpods, especially when flying. You don’t know what you’re missing until you get some. They make it so easy to pop in while in the airport and listen to a book, a podcast, or gangster rap. My favorite feature, other than the bluetooth to my phone so there’s no annoying cords, is that when I take out on earbud the music automatically pauses and restarts when you put it back in. So easy if you just want to hear the overhead announcements or speak to the flight attendant. 

Another traveling must have right now is a mask chain. It’s so easy to clip it and put it around your neck to put on quickly and seamlessly. No more digging in your purse or your pocket or letting it hang off your ear (I’m not the only one who did that, right?!)

Something on my wishlist is the Kitsch 11-piece travel set. Nothing is more annoying than filling your bag with bottles of body wash and shampoo and not having room for your clothes or an extra pair of shoes. If I’m honest, 80% of the time I forget those necessities because they’re the last things I pack and they somehow get left behind and I end up borrowing from someone. If I had this set I could fill the reusable plastic bottles with my boujee shampoo and soaps and pack a little earlier! 

You’ve probably seen a dozen or more “weekend packing guides” how to stretch your outfits, and I swear by those! Packing a good pair of denim jeans, black leggings, a dress, and two or three tops that can be worn with both bottoms gives you several outfit options and takes up little space! In cooler, but not cold winter weather, I swear by my handy-dandy jean jacket! It’s got a little distressing and is the perfect length to wear to dinner with a dress or toss over a graphic tee or light sweater for shopping or daily activities. I always pack black booties, too. They go with everything.

This weekend I’m taking a quick trip to Dallas to celebrate my birthday and I’m so excited to dust off my packing cubes and have a weekend getaway!