Ways to Wear a Colorful Purse

Want to join in on the fun colorful purse trend, but not exactly sure how to style a colorful purse?!!  The ways to style colorful purse are endless, so let’s get started!!!  

A classic way to style a colorful purse is to have it match your shoes. 

Fashion icons have been doing this since the 1920’s!  So, before purchasing a colorful bag, it may be smart to think about if you have any shoes that match, are a similar shade, or have details such as a Nike swoop that would match a purse. 

You do not have to wear the purse with matching shoes, it’s just one of many options!

Google which colors compliment your colorful purse and then make up an outfit using those colors.  Throw the purse on with it and voila! 

It’s beautiful, unique, and very in style to wear tonal outfits at the moment.  This is wearing different pieces together that fall within the same color family.  For example, if you owned a coral sweater, a tangerine purse, and orange sherbet colored heels, you could wear all of it at the same time with jeans.  The same goes for pinks and greens, etc.

Never forget about the understated, yet essential and very classy look of wearing a white tee and jeans.  You could throw on a neutral blazer, trench coat, or jean jacket and then let your colorful purse shine.  It would be fine to wear this look with shoes that match or possible even cuter to wear with neutral shoes that do not match, just so the purse can shine!

Find an accessory such as an earring, bracelet, or necklace that has some color in it that matches the purse.  It would be beautiful to wear a neutral monochromatic look or a white tee/jean look with a colorful purse and an accessory that matches.  If you are carrying an orange, pink, or red purse, your accessory may be your lip color.  It would be beautiful to wear a red lip with a red purse, for example.  

Pro Tip:  Monochromatic looks allow the purse to make the statement, so, for example, you could wear an all navy outfit and let the red purse make the statement.  

This is for the dramatic and high fashion lover, but monochromatic everything is very in.  You could wear your purse with a monochromatic outfit/shoes and wear the same color from head to toe!

An entire neutral look consisting of a monochromatic ivory, white, tan, grey, brown, or black outfit would be stunning paired with a colorful purse!  Neutrals are so beautiful with pops of color!

Always save your colorful bags too!  After a few years of not wearing them, they always come back in style quickly!  Plus, you might just have a formal event where a colorful purse would be perfect!  

Just remember, don’t overthink it.  The colorful bag will elevate your style no matter how you decide to wear it!  A colorful bag speaks volumes!  Wearing a colorful bag says that you are stylish, fun, and classy!