Handbags: A Place Where You Can Store Your Life!

Have you seen the movie,Mary Poppins? I don’t know about you, but I can relate to the scene where she starts pulling everything out of her bag - a potted plant, a floor lamp, and an extra pair of shoes. I feel like I keep my entire life in my handbag, except it’s just a bunch of old receipts, a couple of lipsticks, a snack, and the amount of change that I have floating around at the bottom could probably buy me a new handbag.

I use theDazzle Weekender Bag as my everyday bag. It has the right amount of boho-chic that I love, while also being functional enough to hold my life. I can fit notebooks in here, with room for a post-workout snack and the list of groceries I still need to buy. The blues in the bag’s print look cute with a pair of skinny jeans and a graphic tee, but the grays offset my black leggings nicely. When I need a little bit more organization in my life, I’ll throw in theKavu | Stirling Jewel Pop because it doubles as a wallet with a zip compartment for my phone. It’s super easy when I need to run into the store, but don’t feel like bringing my whole bag with me.

I recently started carrying theKavu | Mini Ropercise Zebra bag with me when I was going out on nature walks with my girls to actually get a little more exercise. This bag is GREAT for holding a couple of bottles of water, my wallet, and some trail mix (I feel like I’m talking about snackswaytoo much). There’s an easily-accessible pouch for me to put my cell phone in, which I can take out quickly for some on-the-trail and sunset selfies. The best part? The back portion is padded, so it’s actually comfortable.

When I’m ready for a girls’ night out, I like to grab myMuddy Sanguine Wallet. It’s like a little clutch, so it only holds the essentials. Not to mention, the orangey-brown color looks so good with my favorite mauve dress. BUT. Before I even grab that, I make sure I’ve got theX Wine Bag slung over my shoulder with a smooth red. Carrying wine around never looked so chic.

Speaking of wine, three cheers to the weekend, amiright? When I’m packing to go away for the weekend with my girls or that special person in my life, I load up mySoulful Traveler Bag. This leather bag has compartments and pockets everywhere to organize my stuff, and because it’s made of leather, it’s durable and sturdy. I love that it has straps to hold in addition to being able to sling it over my shoulder… because when I’m running out the door before I miss my flight (being on time has never been my specialty), I need my hands to grab my keys, wallet, and sunglasses.

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handbags are a place you can store your life