Vegan Leather Handbags

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved purses. I couldn’t wait to get hand-me-downs from my mom and definitely loved when I got to get a fresh new purse from Wal-Mart or Claire’s or JCPenny. In high school I carried a tote instead of a backpack, I was that committed. As I grew up, I obviously got a taste for luxury brand purses. Still waiting for the day I can afford a Chanel (heart eyes). As much as I love a designer handbag, I can still appreciate a good deal on a purse. I love to find a nice, quality, stylish purse for a deal. Enter Jen & Co leather bags.

Sustainability and cruelty-free aren’t some things that I always look for in my fashion brands, even though I should. We all should take time to be a little more conscientious about the brands and products we’re supporting. Again, enter Jen & Co handbags.

Jen & Co bags are beautifully designed handbags crafted from cruelty free materials, like Vegan leather. The company strives to bring together timeless classic staples and innovative contemporary creations to the forefront of global style. Since their launch in 2015, they’ve been  committed to offering an alternative to the average “leather bag” that doesn’t sacrifice style, quality, or durability. By combining unique materials, eye catching prints, and luxe textures, we create alluring vegan leather styles that command the room. 

These are some seriously gorgeous handbags at amazing prices.  Because they are made with vegan leather; they are more affordable than genuine leather bags, and there is  more room for creativity and styles in the bags. If you’re looking for a trendy, sturdy, socially responsible purse, this is the brand for you!

Thesemini bucket bags are so darling and great for all seasons! I can see myself carrying this while strolling through the winery on a girls weekend, or shopping the outlet malls on a long weekend or attending Parsons Music in the Park series this summer (have you seen the lineup?! Going to be so fun!) The mini bucket bags are the perfect, trendy crossbody and will fit all your essentials. Bucket bags are super on trend this season, too! The blush, cheetah is adorable and a fun statement piece for Summer!

If you’re needing a new card holder or wallet, it’s covered! These super handyslim card holder wallets are a must have! They come in neutral colors, bright colors, and some fun snake prints. Features multiple card holders, an ID holder, and a zipper change pouch. The snap keeps your card secure while it’s in your bag or if you’re carrying it alone. I love card holders because rather than a bulky wallet, this is slim and fits easily in any of my bags. It’s also easier to access my cards and have them organized than my bulky wallets that end up collecting receipts and I double up my cards and they can get lost.

You can shop the Jen & Co collection at Gia Rosehere, as well as other affordable handbag options!