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Trend Alert: Stripes

Posted by Gia Rose on

Trend Alert: Stripes

Stripes, stripes, stripes...some love ‘em, others hate ‘em. The striped pattern has plagued shoppers for years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a woman say “Oh no! I can’t do horizontal stripes!!” in horror when helping her shop. And I get it, we all want our clothes to accentuate our bodies and make us feel as beautiful as possible. So if stripes aren’t your thing, no big deal--something is. However, I’m not one to just cut off a pattern simply because I think it’s going to look bad on me.

Vertical Stripes

One of the most universally flattering stripe patterns is large vertical stripes. The Jodeci dress has bold vertical stripes on a structured shirt dress that works for all body types. I mean, the dress is named the Jodeci so I obviously had to buy it, but even if it was named the Fiona, I’d need it. The bold stripes create a slimming effect and help to elongate your torso which slims you too. Not only is the pattern flattering but the cut flows well and the fabric is sturdy. Wear this bad boy to work and then out to drinks afterward or on a weekend getaway.

Another way to wear vertical stripes is in the form of a tunic. This short sleeve tunic with side slits features several thin stripes in a light colored neutral colorway. It gives another slimming illusion, because there are multiple stripes and they’re close together. 

Blue & White Stripes

One of my favorite Summer trends is the blue and white stripes. On dresses, skirts, shorts, blouses, tanks, etc...something about a blue and white stripe screams summer to me; makes me think of tennis courts, swimming pools, and popsicles. If you’re needing to dress up, the Notebook Noah dress is great for showers, weddings, you name it. If you’re looking for a more flirty vibe, this See You There dress is begging to be worn to a Summer BBQ or date night. Add an open toed heel and some gold hoops and you’re set.

I had a striped denim mini just like this one, when I was in high school and I LOVED it. Had I known the trend would rebound I would’ve kept it, not that it would fit me now anyway. 

Horizontal Stripes

We’ve come to the controversial horizontal stripes. I can totally relate, there are times I try on the dreaded horizontal stripe and it is just not a good look. I think it’s all about the colors, size, and amount of stripes. A small stripe horizontally is key. If there are wide stripes horizontally, it can make you look wider, that’s not something anyone wants. The cut of the item makes a difference too, so don’t just see horizontal stripes and write them off! This Twisted Back Tank Dress is super flattering and it has horizontal stripes, the twist tie in the back pulls in and gives more definition to the waist and the fabric hugs in a way that isn’t boxy and ill fitting.

The Z Supply Reverie Stripe Dress has a scoop hem and a slight v-neck that also offsets the stripes and makes it more flattering.