Top 10 Christmas Gifts Under $30

So the weather outside is starting to get frightful. That means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping (because let’s just addanother thing to that never-ending list of yours, right?). Don’t worry, Gia Rosehas you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts to give (and maybe receive… wink wink) for 2020.


top 10 gifts under 30



Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit - Perfume Blending

mixologie tiny try me kit

Buying perfume for anyone other than your bestie is HARD. The Mixologie Tiny Try Me Kit includes 10 alcohol-free Mixologie fragrances that each come in a roll-on, letting your recipient literally make any scent they want. The scents smell great alone or mixed with another one. They’ll have fun mixing and matching all the different scents to their moods - from Sultry (wild musk) to Electric (citrus twist), you can’t go wrong with this fun gift.


The Message Gift & Award Bible

message gift and bible

My sister just had a baby, and by “just” I mean like six years ago. Now that she’s starting to be more involved in the church, I wanted to get her her own Bible. The Message Gift and Award Bible is wrapped in imitation leather in the most beautiful shade of coral - making it girly and durable. This is an excellent gift for young readers who may be reading the Bible for the first time, and it’ll last them for years to come.


Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

Whether you’re like me and have been using hand sanitizer religiously your whole life, or started using it more frequently at the beginning of the year, you cannot go wrong with this formula. This hand sanitizer has aloe vera and vitamin E, so while it’s killin’ germs, it’s leaving your hands silky smooth. I won’t judge if you buy this one for yourself.



tri-color clay dangle earrings

Nothing says “perfect gift” quite like earrings. We have so many on-trend earrings; it’s going to be hard to pick just one pair. Give her big, statement earrings, or dainty studs, and we guarantee she’ll love them. Our favorites are the natural stone studs because each pair is unique - just like her.


Customizable, Personalized Necklaces


Does anyone else secretly compete against their friends to give the better gift, or are you normal? The customizable, personalized necklaces will definitely leave you the winner. No matter what her style is - from boho to business babe, you’re bound to find something she’ll love. OurOne & Only Initial Gold Quoted necklaces are giving me Alexis from Schitt’s Creek vibes, too.


Trendy Graphic Tees

merry christmas ya graphic tee

You can never have too many graphic tees. That’s just a fact. No matter what her style is, a trendy graphic tee is always a crowd-pleaser. Right now, we’ve got seasonal tees, like theSanta Hat Plaid Christmas Tee, but if you want to go for something she can wear all year, we looooove thisBe Happy tee, because how can you not be happy when you look at it?



merry & bright unplug soy candle

Santa baby, slip some candles under the tree! Nothing says cozy like snuggling up with hot cocoa, your favorite blanket, and a movie where a handsome businessman from the big city comes to a small town at Christmas and falls in love with the charming inn owner. Now make it better withSweater Weather Amber scented candles.


Duke Cannon | Solid Cologne, American Lager

duke cannon solid cologne, american lager

We know you spoil that special guy in your life all year, but at Christmas, getting him a pocket-sized cologne balm is that little extra something. This warm, woodsy, cedarwood scent is perfect for your rugged, yet refined man on-the-go. Looking to compliment the gift with something else? This pairs perfectly with theBig Ass Brick - Accomplishment.


CC Beanie with a Faux Fur Pom Pom

cc beanie faux fur pom pom

These cable knit beanies with a faux fur pom pom are perfect for the winter weather because they keep you warm with a bit of added style. This gift is great because you can get one for each of your friends, in all different colors - and accidentally order one for yourself, too!


Luxury Soap

honey almond foamer soap

Anything “luxury” is a great gift for Christmas, because after all the stress of shopping and trying to find the perfect gift, getting asked when you’re going to settle down and get married at family parties, and just general life stressors, you need some luxury in your life. And your girls do, too. This hand soap contains shea butter and aloe vera - great for cleansingand moisturizing.

Bonus Gifts!

peppermint fizzy dust

Ok, I couldn’t resist myself - here’s a bonus 11th gift idea under $30! If none of those gifts are speaking to you, browse these other gift ideas. From coffee mugs to inspirational books to cozy socks, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect thing for even those hard-to-shop-for friends.

While these are great ideas to get you started, remember that this time of year, it’s always the thought that counts. Regardless of how much or little you spend, Christmas is the time to remind us of the reason for the season - gifts bestowed upon a baby about 2,000 years ago.

gia rose top 10 gifts under 30 dollars