To Tuck or Not to Tuck

To tuck, or not to tuck, the age old question when it comes tojust what to do with your shirt going into your pants. It’s confusing when pairing dressy blouses with smart pants or even t-shirts with jeans. Do you full tuck, half tuck, quarter tuck? Or let it hang loose? Gia Rose is here to help you navigate when and where to tuck.
What the tuck?!
Did you know there are several ways to tuck your shirt? The tuck depends on your personal style and each outfit. No, it’s not a matter of stuffing your shirt in all the way around. If a full tuck is too stuffy for you, consider some other alternatives to look polished, but not like you sell printers for a living.
The Half Tuck
My personal favorite is the half tuck, or French tuck. Make any outfit more polished by showing your waistline or highlighting thatcute belt. Best withbutton downs and longer tops, tuck the front half of your shirt into your jeans. Thisreally only works with midrise pants, high rise need a full tuck, and low rise you can let it hang loose. Are you an artsy edgy gal still resisting the tuck? Try a side half tuck. Tuck the left or right side of you shirt in. I like to do this by twirling extra fabric to one side and looping it through a belt loop. Life hack- use a hair tie to get the same effect , then tuck the tail into your jeans to hide the hair tie. (We aren’t trying to look like middle schoolers here ladies.)
The Quarter Tuck
Perhaps you’re a jeans and t-shirt type, orjust too cool to ever consider tucking your shirt. For the minimal tucker, I bring you- the quarter tuck. I like using the quarter tuckk when wearing a casual button down shirt. Tuck one of the front tails in for a certain,je ne sais quoi -a very European way to wear with jeans and some sneakers. It’s sort of a modern take on the French tuck. This also works for the tomboy in a tshirt, I love a lazy quarter tuck on arock tee. It gives some dimension to your look, more flair than letting your teejust hang.
The Full Tuck
Ah my traditionalists. As I’ve gotten older, I have become a full blown tucker. I even tuck my t-shirts intojeans. So thankful for the high rise pants trend, I love to tuck in all my shirts. Top it with a bold belt and have your waistline looking snatched! Most shirts look great tucked all the way in. As for bottoms, always tuck when wearing a high rise pant or anyskirt. I may be unpopular on the skirt opinion- but I said what I said. Once you start tucking your shirt into skirts you’ll feel the difference. Now, if you weren’t a tucker before, a full tuck is hard to get used to. I felt like a mega dork the first few times. But, after a few mirror selfies and a a game of comparison ( Full tuck vs French tuck vs untucked). Iwas sold.
When Not to Tuck

There are a few occasions when onesimply should not give a tuck! Sometimes, a shirt looks better when you let it hang loose. These tops would be- super long (think bulky under your skirt or pants), or super thick - like a sweater or sweatshirt. The goal of a tuck is to slim, not add bulk. Certain bottoms don’t pair well with a tuck either, like low rise jeans. Embrace your inner Britney and rock the low rise sans-tuck.
We hope you’ve learned when to tuck, and when not to give a tuck. There are times when you must, and times when it’s optional- but can add so much to a look. One thing’s for sure- the right tuck in one of ourfavorite tops will have you lookingeffortlessly chic and put together.
Gia Rose Tribe