The Sweater Edit


Oh, the weather outside is starting to get frightful, but my dear, these sweaters are DELIGHTFUL! There’s nothing like waking up to a chill in the air and putting on a big, cozy sweater (or, if you’re like me, falling asleep in one, too). From chunky cable knits and cardigans to fleeces and flannels and hoodies, I’m at my happiest when it’s sweater weather. And here are my top five favorite ones - aka, my Monday sweater, my Tuesday sweater... Ok, you get the point!

TheSoftest Charcoal Sweater is easily a favorite. Gray is one of those colors that looksamazing on me because it compliments my skin tone so well. It’s a cable knit sweater, so the details are there, but they’re subtle and great for Monday mornings when I need to get to work and don’t feel like being flashy. Since it’s a semi-cropped fit, I like to wear it with high-waisted leggings and boots, or black trousers and pumps. Throw my hair up in a messy bun with some colorful lipstick and boom! I’m ready to go.

When the weather is chilling my bones, I grab myOversized Coziest Mock Sweater. It comes in so many colors, that it’s sometimes hard to choose which one I want to wear. I love pairing this sweater with a chunky necklace and tucking it into the front of my jeans. Throw on some ankle boots and I’m looking more stylish than frumpy. A Gia Rose staff fave!

The You are a Star sweater is on my "must have" list for an upcoming wear girls’ trip and I   can't wait for all the compliments. As a small-town girl in a big city, where anything could happen, I want to make sure my outfit will give me confidence - and this sweater makes me feel like the star I am! I'm pairing it with my faux leather leggings and black ankle booties, I  might even toss on a felt hat.


Ready to make a statement? Then, girl, you’re in luck with theZeisty Zebra Sweater. Another knit sweater, but this one has a fun zebra print! Leopard is still in but Zebra is creeping in to steal it’s thunder. You can literally wear this with anything - leggings, jeans, boots, heels, and slippers! 

I don’t feel like we give cardigans enough credit. They’re great for the transition in weather where you can’t bear to put away your summer clothesjuuust yet. Enter: cardigans, especially theSoft Knit Mushroom Cardigan. You can still wear that cute dress or graphic tee, but throw a cardigan over it to keep warmand look effortlessly stylish. Bonus points if you put your hair in a bun to get that whole mischievous librarian look going for you. 

So that’s it! My top five sweaters! You can check out all of our super cute sweatershere - and tag us on social media - I can’t wait to see your outfits for my own inspo!