Summer Fashion Trends You Should Know About

So you’ve been stuck in quarantine for a while now. But soon enough you’ll be heading out to your favorite local restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping spots. And even though it’ll still involve social distancing and wearing masks, you’ll still need to be up to date on the latest fashion trends, right?

Yep, I thought so.

To help you get prepared for your first time leaving the house after a few, very long months, here’s a list of the top 2020 summer fashion trends that you should know about when you finally leave the house!


Sure, it’s nothing new or mind-blowing. But drawstrings are in! 

Thankfully most of us have plenty of drawstring items already in our wardrobe like our favorite drawstring romper or summer dress. But, if you’re lacking in your drawstring fashion game check out these adorable drawstring rompers from Gia Rose: 

Amelia Leopard Romper, gia rose boutique, gia rose

Amelia Leopard Romper, $32

 Drawstring Romper, $32



Modern folk and bohemian styles had a strong presence on the runways this year. The bohemian style tends to be a flowy and loose fit with a folky and rustic feel. While still feeling classic and romantic. 

This trend means flowy dresses and tops with embroidery and old-timey, paisley prints.

It’s definitely got that modern hippie vibe, which I’m totally into by the way. 

Need some bohemian looks? Check out this adorable, folky dress and top:

baby doll dress, flowy dress, gia rose boutique, gia rose

Fiona Floral Baby Doll Dress, $34

loose fit top, gia rose, gia rose boutique

Opal Loose Fit Top, $30

Bold Retro Prints

Bold prints make a statement and thankfully they’re in. Especially 60s and 70s inspired, retro-style prints like these retro palazzo pants. 

Remember you’re grandma’s wallpaper?

Yep, that’s the look we’re going for, but we’re making it fashion with vintage prints that even your grandma will approve of!

palazzo pants, gia rose, gia rose boutique

Playful Magenta Palazzo Pants, $26

kimono, gia rose, gia rose boutique

Patchwork Kimono, $32


Bra Tops in the Street

Ok. So, your grandma might approve of the vintage prints, but she might start shaking her head at this one. 

Crop tops aren’t cutting it anymore, and bra tops are officially in.

Since this trend might feel a bit too revealing for most, pair this look with a trench coat or denim jacket to make you feel more covered. Then, add some high waisted shorts, jeans or a high waisted, fitted skirt, and you’ve got an amazing look for your next outing.

Need a cute bra top to pass as acceptable? Check out these adorable lace bralettes:

bralette, lace bralette, gia rose, gia rose boutique
Crochet Lace Bralette, $18

Tie-Dye Everything

Yup. Tie-dye is back in its full glory. People are trying to liven up their wardrobe while social distancing and living in quarantine with tie-dye arts and crafts. 

When you start going out again, don’t be surprised when you see people flaunting their homemade tie-dye clothing. It’s not just tie-dye tees anymore, you might see anything from tie-dye socks to tie-dye dresses, skirts, and jumpers!

Either venture into a DIY tie-dye adventure with your kids and family or if you're feeling like that’s too messy of an idea, check out this adorable tie-dye tank and skirt from Gia Rose:

tie-dye top, addie tie-dye, gia rose, gia rose boutique

Addie Tie-Dye Tank Top, $26

shelly tie-dye skirt, tie-dye skirt, gia rose, gia rose boutique

Shelly Tie-Dye Skirt, $20