5 Alternatives to Going out: Stay Home on NYE

Even though 2021 is literally around the corner, 2020 is getting the last laugh because we can’t or at least shouldn’t be, going out to bars and clubs. So, what is there to do when you stay home on New Year's Eve? I’ve come up with 5 alternatives to hitting the bars and while there is no guarantee it will be as fun as a champagne toast at midnight with 100 of your closest friends, it’s guaranteed to be safer than that.


Option 1  (what I’ll be doing):

I’m ringing in the New Year royal style. Staying home, ordering take out, drinking champagne, and binging Season 4 ofThe Crown. If the Queen of England doesn’t need to go out, neither do it.

Granted she’s at Windsor Castle and I’m in a tiny two bedroom in Kansas--whatever. She has her hoard of corgis and I’ve got Bella who will no doubt be snoring at midnight but that’s fine too.

I’ll be sporting my favorite lounge sweater, the You’re a Star Sweater with either black leggings or my trusty Walmart joggers. You guys, these joggers are under $10 and feel amazing. I never want to take them off.

Grab this sweater TODAY online and select in-store pickup ( so you’ll get it in time to ring in the new year.


My favorite lounge sweater. It's light brown and has stars.

Option 2: Game Night!

It's tough to stay home on New Year's Eve, at it's normally a time to gather with your people and celebrate that you made it through one year and the possibilities of the approaching new one. Instead of going out, host a small gathering of 10 or less.

Maybe it’s your group of everyday coworkers, your best friends, or family you just spent Christmas with. Keep it small; have everyone bring a dish potluck style, play board games, and reminisce about the “good old days” (like 2019).

If you are getting together with a small casual group, thisSequin Leopard long sleeve top is a great option! It’s casual with a hint of black sequins to feel dressy and festive!

Another casual option is theMauve Ruffle Knit Top, add this to a pair of black jeans and some booties you’re Insta ready.


This is a sequin leopard ls top.

Option 3: Drive around Scavenger hunt

Shoutout to Sloan for this idea! Premake your own scavenger hunt for around town, load up your family and drive around to find them!

You’ll want to do this early in the day or evening so there’s still light to see, or maybe turn it into a last chance to see Christmas lights on houses before they come down in January!

Our Comfy Lounge Sets are perfect for riding around in, grab in in black or mocha for a neutral vibe.Please don’t drink and drive.


This is a super comfy black lounge set.

Option 4: Finalize your Goals for 2021

Goals, Resolutions, Visions Boards, whatever your version of preparing for the New Year is, take the time this NYE to finalize what you want.

I’ve given myself a break for not reaching all my goals in 2020, but I’m getting it together in 2021. January also brings my 29th birthday and that last year of my 20s so I want to end this section of my life on the right foot.

Get a fresh notebook, some smooth writing pens, and sit down and hammer out a plan for your best life in 2021. Don’t wait until January 1 to start thinking about what you want and what changes you want to make or not make, take charge now!


Getting a fresh start on New Year's...this is an image of a celebration to kick it off.

Option 5: Organize your closet

New Year, New You, New Clothes, right?! Go ahead and purge your closet on December 31 so you’re ready for all new things in the coming year. Grab a glass of wine, turn on Taylor Swift’s new album and get to purging lady! 


This is an organized closet picture.


Last, If you must go out, do your best to social distance, wash your hands, please please please wear a mask and wear thisdress