Spring & Summer Must Have Accessories

Spring is here! I’ve said it several times, but this time I mean it. We’ve had some consistent sunny days, the flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and like clockwork in the Midwest: tornado siren drills have begun. All of these I deem “accessories” to the season. Like a good pair of earrings or a hat, they really justmake the season. Cue the inspiration for today’s post: Must have Spring accessories.

Gold Chain Necklaces

Chained It, Gold Necklace

I’m all for this trend. Neutral gold chainnecklaces are timeless and can go with anything. Layering necklaces has been trendy for a while and it is a trend that isn’t going anywhere! The easiest way to wear this trend is to get a set of layered necklaces rather than trying to layer them on your own. If you’re adventurous, mix and match your own chains! Just be sure your golds coordinate. I’m personally really into the link or paperclip chain necklace style. Padlocks are really in too. 

Fun Statement Earrings

Statement earrings and jewelry obviously aren’t anything new, but over the years they’ve evolved. Gone are the days of the bubble necklaces (what were we thinking?!) and here are the days of statement earrings. Earrings are my favorite way to instantly “festivize” an outfit. For Spring and Summer these fun palm tree earrings orchili pepper earrings for Cinco de Mayo are so fun!Poppy dot acrylic earrings are always a fun addition to your look and make a statement! I’ve had my eyes onthispair, they’re neutral with a hint of sparkle. 

Hats, Hats, Hats

Poolside Hat

We’ve been sporting felt hats all Fall and Winter and they’re still in, so don’t fret! However, we’re transitioning into lighter materials, wider brims, and adding colorful scarves. Sun protection is so important and thesehats are perfect for the beach, boat, or pool! A felt had would be ruined, but these wicker (it feels like a wicker like material) hats can go the distance. Take it up a notch and add a fun scarf or ribbon that matches your swimsuit! So cute and makes you look put together. A classic summer fedora would be so cute while strolling through the shops of your favorite vacation spot or in downtown PK;).

Now if you’re more of a ballcap girl, we’ve got a great selection of those! I’ve been temped by the “Stay At Home Dog Mom” one more than once.


You all should’ve know I wasn’t having a “Must Have Accessory” list withoutheadbands!! Arguably my favorite accessory. We have a super cute rattan and black one that would go so well with a black suit and thepoolside hat. VIBES! I used tohate Summer but as I’m getting older, I have an appreciation for the season.

Bag it Up

Blued Tripled Handbag

Let your bag do the talking with a bright colored purse or fun tote! Gia Rose just got a new line by designer Karla Hanson and they are *chef’s kiss* good. I’ve got my eye on a neon pink that I’m not even linking so nobody buys if before I do. Is that petty? I don’t care. A small clutch is great for tossing in your beach or pool bag to carry small essentials. I’m loving the bright colors and different textures of theMyraline and other we have in stockhere.Speaking of a pool bag,thisleopard rattan tote is SO CUTE. I love it and it’s just spacious enough for all your pool or beach needs, but can also be used while shopping or as a carry on for a plane. Can you tell I have Spring Break and travel on my mind?


Stunning Pearl Necklace

Call me crazy, butpearlsare in! They popped up last Summer and stayed through the Fall and Winter and are seen everywhere this season. These aren’t your grandma’s or Queen Elizabeth’s stuffy pearl chokers. Add a little class or edge to your Spring and Summer styles with faux freshwater pearls on gold chains (Kill two trends with one necklace!) Freshwater pearls aren’t “perfect” and therefore less fancy and can be worn with more casual outfits. You could also add a pearl headband to your collection, you know I would.

Whether your taste is jewelry and other accessories is traditional or trendy, 2021’s spring/summer accessory trends are bound to make you feel put together and like you just walked out of a Fashion magazine or your favorite Netflix series.