How to Wear Spring Florals


The weather might still be blustery cold outside, but we’ve got our eye on the upcoming season. With spring right around the corner, we’re preparing our closets with our favorite spring styles. But what’s in store for 2021?

 I’ve got one word for you: florals. Florals are the “it” look for spring, whether you’re wearing a flowy exuberant flowery dress from head to toe or are mixing and matching floral prints with other detailed numbers. I know what you're thinking...

 Before you get too judgy, Miranda Priestly, hear me out. If you’re just as ready as we are for some warmer weather, take a peek at what we’re hanging in our closets.

Floral Dresses

Perhaps my favorite floral style for the upcoming season is a flirty floral dress. You can go for a mid-century flowy quilted pieceor a more demure mini dress that shows off those long, sexy legs. 

 Whatever style you prefer, you can’t go wrong with a cheerful floral pattern. Just make sure you’re pairing with some muted shoes. Remember: you want your floral dress to be the star. A pair of brown suede booties like thesework wonders.


I’m so glad that kimonos have soared in popularity recently. They are the perfect accessory for just about any look. Not only do they work as a great wind-blocker on those slightly cooler days, but they add an immense amount of color and detail to any style. Great news! We've got a ton of styles coming, which you can see during our Spring Fashion Show on March 6. Buy tickets here.

So how can you make sure you’re showcasing florals in your spring styles? Wear a kimonolike this one! This kimono features bright, perky shades, including royal blue, delightful pinks, and hints of yellow. 

Mix Patterns

It’s 2021. Girl, anything goes. Don’t hesitate to mix and match different patterns to bring your style to life. Need a little help mixing patterns? I got you. 

 Stripes are one of my favorite patterns to mix with floral. They offset each other beautifully, meaning you won’t have “too much”going on. It’s pleasing to the eye yet still has that undeniable sense of fashion-forwardness. 

 For example, a cute striped blouse like thiswould work wonders with a pair of floral pants. It would put a break to all of the flower power and provide a modern flair, which we all know and love.

Floral Jumpsuit

I don’t know about you, but I fell madly in love with jumpsuits recently. You can’t go wrong with a floral jumpsuit in the middle of spring. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bright and lively neon jumpsuit or if you’re going for something more sultry, like thischarming chocolate brown jumpsuit with white flower detailing.

 What’s excellent about jumpsuits is they are so utterly flattering. Plus, they keep you warmer on those spring days that just “spring” up on you with chillier weather. Pair with flats or heels for a dazzling springtime look.

Are you ready to turn heads this spring? Don’t skimp on the florals. Keep it simple with a floral dress or jumpsuit or mix patterns for a look that really stands out. Don’t forget that floral accessories can make a staple on any outfit, too.


Gia Rose Tribe