Spring 2021 Trends

We're not sure about the rest of you, but the Gia Rose girls are ready for Spring 2021! We've scoured the internet for the hottest new trends. Stay tuned for the Gia Rose Spring Collection featuring some of these items and more!

Trench Coats

Trench coats are coming back in a big way. While they’re a classic fashion staple for the transition months, this spring they’re coming at you with interesting slits, dramatic lapels, bold sleeves, and drop waists. 

Button Downs

Finally - a reason to own an oversized button down shirt and not keep borrowing one from your beau. This season’s trend is far from the standard fit or pattern. I’m seeing bright and beautiful shades of orange and pink in long or extra wide cuts that you can wear as a dress. Pair these with leggings or slacks for work and be sure to perfect your sexy librarian look.

Floral Everything

I’m sorry, but it’s not spring unless I’m seeing some floral prints! Spring 2021 is showing me bright and bold hibiscus flowers, daisies, tulips and more in sunny yellows and neon pinks. Make sure you’ve got your sunglasses for these incandescent prints!

Colorful Coats

I feel like with 2020 being so isolating, we’re coming into 2021 wanting to be seen - and that’s clearly evident with the springtime coats that can be seen everywhere. With a mix of stripes, checks, or patchwork patterns in brightly hued statement coats, you’re sure to stand out in a crowd!

Cinch It

I’ve always been a fan of a cinched waist, and it’s coming at you hard this season. Whether you’re using ribbons, belts, or chains, cinching your trench coat or extra large button down, you’ve got options in creating shape on your body. 

Cool Khakis

Ok this one I’m having trouble coming to terms with because whenever I think of khakis, I think of my dad outside grilling in his cargo shorts and dad sandals. But what I’m seeing are super feminine tops, tailored blazers, and a dash of sequins. You know this girl loves sparkle!

Tye Dye For

I’ve always loved tie dye and I’m so happy it’s coming into style. There’s nothing like a warm spring day with all the windows in my apartment open and channeling my inner Jackson Pollock with tie dye. From maxi dresses to caftans, the uniquely colorful tie dyes are everywhere!

Nothing but Net

So these fishnets are not necessarily going to keep you warm, but they’re adding a level of dimension to our spring style. The vests, dresses, and coats that we’re seeing are really giving outfits an extra oomph.

Big Jeans

If you’ve been working from home, or you’ve put on what we’re affectionately calling the “Quarantine Fifteen” (guilty), wearing skinny jeans is justnotappealing right now. So I’m really excited that oversized denim is coming back. Pair it with an oversized button down and I’ve got my new work go-to.

Pastels Preferred

Like florals, it’s not spring unless I’m wearing pastel! After this chilly and bland winter, we all need a little color. And with light yellows, subtle blues, and lovely lilacs, you’ll feel like you’re walking in a garden all day.

How are you wearing these spring trends? Tag us at #GiaRosePK!


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