Sloan's Gia Rose Must Haves!

Are you surprised I was going to do a Gia Rose top items or the must haves. It's also my number 1 shopping place!! There are so many cute things right now.. I can hardly leave every day without buying something to take home. If it is, clothes, shoes or a new bag. Do not even get me started on the jewelry right now. I WANT THEM ALL.


YOU ALL!! Runnnn, to get these sandals right now. I am obsessed with 200%,  I want all of them every single color. I am getting the brown ones. The sole is amazing on these.. the comfort! You can also tell that it is super comfortable in the sole. These come in black too + slip on style... NEED EVERY COLOR.. Great price point too :)

Ok, the satin pillowcase is a game changer. I did not believe in the hype at first. I finally bit the bullet and got one 2 months ago probably? A M A Z E. I wake up with such soft and dreamy hair now. I mean it's not making it grow to my ass overnight haha but it's just so good for my hair, I can tell. Gia Rose has a ton of other fun hair things from the brand Kitsch.  Start, with the pillowcase you will not be upset about it!

Ohh, sweet summertime with the sandals and our lovely pedicures! I am so ready to get my first pedicure.. I always get a pretty pink because duh. loL Focus, back to another pair of sandals.. I clearly can't help myself but these white with gold studs are the cutest + trendiest!! You all know that I am super obsessed with gold anything... like literally anything gold is where it's at. Check these cute things out and snag a a cool B on the street.

Lastly, for a new spring trend you need to get on board with is these lovely maximum maxi dresses. This pink color.. I can't even! YELLS SLOAN .. lol but really. The bright blue doesn't hurt my feelings either. Another reason I love maxis is because you can do so many things with them.. style wise. In the spring or summer throw a graphic tee over it and knot it up. Transition them into fall, with throwing a sweater on the top of one. They are such staple pieces to have in your wardrobe! I mean, Gia Rose has it in black.. the most slimming color of all, right? SNAG One. the price is wild too!!

These were like a small portion of my favorites right now at the lovely small shop in the midwest - Gia Rose.  There are so many things I could show you but just check them out for yourself. All of the shoes right now are killer cute. Plus, the jewelry is off the chain too. Literally, throw it in the bag!!