Peace Out 2020 & 2021 Resolutions

Friends, the New Year is here! HELLO 2021!! Welcome, we’ve been expecting you. With the new year comes the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. The pressure is on to realign our goals and wants for the next 364 days. If you’re like me, you started thinking about this a few weeks ago;what do I want to accomplish? What do I want to improve upon? We basically just wasted a year with 2020 so how do I make 2021 the best it can be? I’m not normally a resolution person, my birthday is in January so I always say “My resolutions start on my birthday.” and this year is a big one for me, I’m turning 29. The last year of my twenties is upon us. So, one night I sat down with a glass of wine and turned onMiracle on 34th Street and got to work on my “resolutions”.

First and foremost, I want to read more. This is a resolution I have every year and most years I don’t really get my stride until the summer. Something about laying in the sun and reading a good book just feels right. However, with COVID-19 not seeming like it will go anywhere anytime soon. Here’s a short list of the books on my 2021 read list. I enjoy reading psychological thrillers, nonfiction, and the occasional love story.

  1. Untamed-Glennon Doyle (I started this over the summer but haven’t finished it yet.)
  2. Sex & Vanity- Kevin Kwan (He wrote theCrazy Rich Asians triolgy which I LOVED! Can’t wait to dig into his new adventure)
  3. The Vanishing Half- Brit Bennett
  4. A Promised Land- Barack Obama

I will definitely add about 10 more to the list in the coming months, but this is a start! Since goals are supposed to be measurable, I would like to read 1 book per month, which would be a total of 12 books in 2021! It doesn’t seem like a lot, but your goals should also be attainable. If I said I wanted to read 50 books, I’d overwhelm myself and never accomplish it.

Next, I want to conquer a new skill. I’ve been praised for my handwriting for a long time, so I want to try my hand at learning calligraphy! My mom had 2nd grade flashbacks when I asked for a “handwriting notebook” on my Christmas list. Stay tuned to see how this pans out!!

The next two are the worst. Not looking forward to making these happen in the slightest.

Behealthier. Ugh, we all hate that one right?! I’ve started a “healthier” life journey every year since I can remember, and I always fall off the wagon. After a few weeks I find myself shame eating at midnight, I purchase a gym membership and never use it, I’ve always set myself up for failure. This year I know my limits, I know what I want, and I know (kind of) how I'm going to get it. My goal is to remain focused on the end goal (not Kitchen Pass ranch), and give myself leniency when needed. They say your 30s are your new 20s so when I reach that milestone I want to really be my best, healthiest self. 

Last, money. It’s the hardest thing to discuss, but I have been living mybest life spending away and racking up that credit card debt. In my last year of my twenties, I’m ready to erase that and start fresh for 30! So please don’t ask me on any extravagant trips, and don’t be offended if I say no to a lunch date--there’s a bigger picture I’m working towards.

Now, let’s dive into how to arrange your goals/resolutions. There are so many different routes you can take, write them down, make a note in your phone, create a vision board, the list goes on. I, personally, have to write them down. I need a list to go back to and to cross items off once they’re completed. For example “Read 1 book per month” I’ll have a smaller list underneath that with each month so once that month is done I can cross it off and give myself that feeling of accomplishment. If you’re more of a digital diva, keep a note on your phone so your list is always with you! Set reminders on your phone, that can help keep you on track. Another option is a vision board. Get a piece of poster board, an assortment of magazines, and a glue stick sit down and create your vision of 2021 for yourself. This is a fun activity to do with your friends, too! 

Whatever your method, it’s never a bad idea to have goals or resolutions especially this year. I think we can all agree that we get a break for 2020. If you’re one of those people that accomplished more, or met your goals in 2020--that’s great for you! But it’s also okay for the rest of us who just scraped by. We’re ready to make 2021 our own, but there’s also no judgement from me if you fall off the wagon--I’ll be right there next to you in the McDonald’s drive thru.