Own it Baby: Confidence

Confidence, some of us have it some of us would kill for it. How many articles have you read about “How to be Confident (insert situation or garment here)”. This isn’t one of those posts. Confidence isn’t a size, Confidence is feeling your best in what you’re wearing regardless of what the tag says. Every girl has her own tips and tricks on how to feel confident or beautiful. Maybe it’s a bold lip color, your favorite earrings, essential oils, or a mantra you repeat in the mirror. 

I’m a Capricorn so I was born with a dash of “overconfidence”. Even during my shyest stages of life, I’ve always had a little sass. My confidence comes from growing up with a family who embraced the drama, reiterated that I was the Princess and always made me feel like I was a star. So, my first golden nugget of wisdom issurround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself. Your friends and family should only uplift you. Your bestie should be your #1 Hype-woman, the first to like your insta photo and comment fire emojis under your selfies.Side note: your validation and confidence shouldn’t come from Social Media, because as we all know. Social media is a highlight reel and we should not be comparing ourselves to others.

We’ve all seen the original Annie movie, you know the scene where she sings the jingle on the radio? “You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile.”That’s my next tip,smile. Studies somewhere have shown that smiling is proven to improve your mood and confidence--it releases endorphins to your brain that make you happier, a smile also makes you appear more approachable and confident and in return people will flock to you. Here’s another trick, you don’t even have to be confident, you just have to appear that way in the moment and a smile will help with that.

I can’t get through this without touching on the clothes. Trying new trends and stepping out of your comfort zone in fashion can be scary. I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me “I could never pull that off.” Girl, YES YOU CAN! You can wear whatever you want, if you love it and feel good in it guess what---you’re “pulling it off”. If you try something new and you walk around all sulky and blah then no you’re not going to exude confidence to yourself or to others. In the words of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and Soap Opera icon, Lisa Rinna “OWN IT BABY!Own it!”  If you’re trying out a new trend that you’re excited about, show that excitement!! Smile big and proud and show everyone that you KNOW you look good, and they will follow suit. 

Confidence is a mentality, so my last piece of advice, is togive yourself a pep talk. Once upon a time, I was interviewing for a big job and my friend told me that before I got out of my car to pull down the visor mirror and tell myself I was “confident, brave, and I deserved this job. That I was going to do great.” so I followed her advice and I nailed the interview! I got the job and the rest has been history. So while my last step is stolen from someone much wiser than myself, it rings true and I’ve given that same advice to other friends when they’re needing a confidence boost. Over the years I’ve amended it, I also advise myself and others to find a song or even an entire playlist that amps you up. Makes you feel like the most confident version of yourself and play it while you’re getting ready. If you need help making your playlist, holler at ya girl--I’m happy to share mine.

I have to be honest, I’m writing this right now and I do not feel confident. It’s the New Year and everyone is posting their health goals and how they’re starting off strong and I’m overwhelmed already. I look in the mirror and I’m not happy with what I see and my mind starts spinning about all the things I “need” to do to get back on track and to be happy and confident. This article isn’t going to magically make you more confident, but hopefully it will help you feel a little better until you get your confidence back.