Men’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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Men, right? Can’t live with them, can’t live without them; whether they’re your spouse, your parent, or your sibling it can be hard to shop for the men in your life. Never fear, Gia Rose is here! I’ve rounded up some things for your guy that are both affordable (everything under $50!!) and local.


Kavu “No Comb Required” baseball cap ($30)

It’s basic, it’s standard, and every guy needs a good baseball cap. The No Comb Required cap is a versatile hat that he can wear while mowing the grass or lounging around the house. It’s also one you can steal when you’re having the kind of day that requires a hat😉.

kavu baseball cap


Fun socks ($10)

Not to be cliché, but a great stocking stuffer!! Fun socks are an easy gift that shows you know the guy in your life; if he’s an avid golfer snag the golf pair and throw in some nice golf balls. Or these are a great gift for a nephew or a guy you’re in the beginning stages of talking to and don’t want to spend too much money on.

The best thing about these socks is that they are only $10!!

fun socks


Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Oil ($45)

There is a fine line between Grizzly Adams and Chris Stapleton and George Clooney and Chris Hemsworth. If your guy is participating in “No Shave November” or has been growing his beard for years and it’s just unruly and on your nerves, give a subtle hint to clean it up with Duke Cannon’s Best Damn Beard Oil.

Made with premium natural ingredients such as Apricot kernel, argan, and jojoba oils, it's formulated to soften even the hardest working beards. Rich in vitamin e, carotenes, and antioxidants, these oils are considered beneficial against psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

duke cannon best damn beard oil

Big Ass Bar of Soap ($12.50)

I hope my brother isn’t reading this (Spoiler Alert: He isn’t) but this is definitely going to be one of his Christmas presents. Teenage boys are one of the most difficult groups to shop for, they’re out of the action figure stage, like to pick out their own clothes, and as a sister—I’m not paying the outrageous prices of his favorite video game. So, a soap with a quirky name and description is a great option!

duke cannon big ass bar of soap


Duke Cannon Solid Cologne ($30)

Do you know a man who sprays maybe one or three too many sprays of his cologne in the morning? Leaving you in a cloud of man smell like Pigpen from thePeanuts comics? Go ahead and pick him up some solid cologne by Duke Cannon.These concentrated cologne balms melt at his fingertips for precision scent application. Traveling tin is perfect for leather briefcases, gym bags, or desk drawers. Made with natural and organic ingredients. A 1.5 oz tin lasts a good long time even with multiple applications per day.

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

Duke Cannon Shaving Cream ($18.75)

Are you sensing a pattern here, Duke Cannon is the way to go for your guy’s Christmas! We’ve covered men with beards, but how about the guy who likes a clean shave? Duke Cannon’s Superior Grade Shaving CreamSmells like Accomplishment” and is barbershop quality at home!

duke cannon shaving cream


Duke Cannon Travel Kit ($33)

Guys never know what to pack, this makes it super simple to throw in their bag in go! Everything they need all in one, it has got a little of everything for them to sample. You know they need all the help we can give them, he’ll feel a little more put together with this gift set!

Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Balm ($18.75)

Rough hands are a sign of a hard-working man and dry hands are a sign that he’s been washing his hands regularly (we love a COVID safe man). Sometimes guys think lotion is too “girly” add this Bloody Knuckles Hand Balm to his stocking for a moremanly option.

duke cannon bloody knuckles hand cream


Handwarmer Mug ($20)

For the coffee drinking man! The ceramic hand warming mug is unlike traditional coffee mugs because it’s designed with a little pocket to keep your fingers warm while enjoying your favorite beverage. He’ll need this for cold mornings when he goes out to start your car before work

Handwarmer Mug


Leather Apron ($94)

I know, I know, I said everything was under $50, but I could not leave off this Genuine leather apron! Is your guy or dad a grill master? Or a baker? Update his quirky apron with this high quality, genuine leather apron. He’ll feel like Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen with this, and it’s all about feeding his ego, right? Add some nice new kitchen utensils and you’re ready to cross him off your list!

Leather Apron


I’ll say it again, I think men are harder to shop for than women. But you can’t go wrong with anything mentioned above and if you’re still stuck come on down to Gia Rose and let us help you!



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