Love Your Pet Day-Because Why not?

 This is probably the easiest post to write. February is the month of love and while I remain single, there’s just something about February and the warm & fuzzy feelings you have this month. February 20 is "National Love Your Pet Day". We all know that I'm an extremely proud dog mom. My camera is full of photos and videos of Bella. Photos of her sleeping, a video of her eating a pup cup, another photo of her dressed up for Halloween and another of when I  tied matching ribbons in my hair and around her neck for Christmas. Clearly, I'm obsessed. Our pets are our family, I know I'm not the only one that feels that way. Whether you're a family of 5 and that golden doodle is going to complete your family or you're a 29 year old single who prefers a fur child to a human one. We all love our four legged companions.

It’s fitting that I’m writing this post, featuring my Bella. She is currently laying half on top of my legs and head butting the computer so that I'll rub her ears and not type this post. She loves attention, but I don’t know where that personality trait came from.

Dogs are just amazing. The only being on Earth that loves you more than they love themselves. They're extremely loyal, sweet, protective, and even the ugly ones are kind of cute. It's also fitting that I'm writing this post now because this weekend has been all about Bella. On Friday we celebrated her 11th birthday. She had McDonald's cheeseburgers ( her favorite), Saturday morning we went to Scooter's and she got a pup cup (her other favorite), and then Sunday it snowed! Also, her favorite. Because of the snow, we spent a lot of time inside snuggled on the couch watching movies. It was the best way to spend my Valentine's Day, with my one love. 

I got Bella when I was a senior in high school. Our dog had puppies and she was the runt. After graduation, I moved into an apartment and was afraid of being alone so I snagged the snuggliest puppy to take with me. Anyone who has spent time with her, knows she’s pretty chill, and she’s always been that way. Always willing to keep your feet warm on the couch, down for a belly rub, and not that into the game of fetch. She’s always been well-behaved too; ruined maybe 1 or 2 pairs of flip flops back in the day but now she knows that shoes are for wearing and snacks are for eating.

So, how do we show our pets that we love them? For me. It’s belly rubs, car rides with the windows down, and giving her far too many treats even after I’ve said “enough.” I know I’m in a world of pain when I have human kids, because this dog is spoiled as can be. But this is a fashion blog, so click herefor a lounge set I wear 2-3x a week. I wear it while “walking” Bella (let’s be real, we haven’t been on a walk in months) and mostly while on the couch bingeing Bridgerton or when we rewatch Grey’s Anatomy.

Am I the only one who wishes there were more “dog mama” sweatshirts, hats, etc..? So many of us “millennials” are waiting to start families and focusing on our careers, so we have fur children. There isn’t anything wrong with that and don’t let anyone else tell you different. Because take it from me, dogs are just as hard as human least mine is.

So, use this weekend to spoil your fur babies! Take 'em to Scooter's for the pup cup, give them extra snuggles and belly rubs, and obviously tell them you love them.




(overly obsessed dog mom)