Let’s Stay Home: The Loungewear Edit

Let’s talk loungewear. Not your normal champion sweats and a raggedy high school t-shirt. I’m talking chic, luxury, matching sets. As 2020 is finally coming to an end and we are starting 2021-- loungewear and athleisure sets have made quite the comeback!


Loungewear and athleisure suits are making a comeback. This image shows a stylish, comfy, grey option.


I don’t know if it was all the Stay-At-Home orders or if it's just the way time turns but I am all in on a matching sweatshirt and joggers.

At Gia Rose, we’re currently all into outfits that can serve multiple purposes; professional enough to wear for a Zoom meeting, comfy enough to bingeThe Crown on Netflix and nap in, acceptable enough to wear when we venture out shopping.

Athleisure sets are the key to getting the comfort of wearing your pajama pants to Walmart while notactually wearing your pajama pants to Walmart.

If you’re doubting the validity, just know that Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand is based on comfy loungewear sets and has even ventured into velour tracksuits, I’m not sure if I’m ready to relieve my middle school days, I vividly remember a bright green one I had and I would wear it with a blush pink tank top *cringe*.

I promise, I’ve learned my lesson. Try these super affordable and softsetsand Z-Supplysweaters.


Super soft athleisure sets from Gia Rose.


They come in solid colors, I ordered a black set that I can’t wait to wear with clean white sneaks and a camel coat.


This is an image of a Z-Supply sweater from Gia Rose.


Or fun prints like camo or leopard! We know and love Z-supply; they're a go-to for basic staple wardrobe pieces!

An oldie but goodie is your trusty pair of leggings. We talked about leather leggings earlier in the fall, but this time let’s dive into regular cotton stretchy leggings.

Maybe yours are more of a performance fabric that you wear “to the gym” or actually to the gym. Right now, in the midst of winter, the best lounge look with leggings is an oversized sweater.

You can dress it up with booties or snow boots or on the warmer winter days wear some sneakers. If you’re actually going to the gym or it’s your new year’s resolution to start going, take this as your permission to stock up on leggings and matching tops/ sports bras.

I’m telling you, nobody is going to judge your makeupless face and sweaty ponytail. They'll be too busy admiring your stylish and functional outfit and how you seem to have your life so together.

Toss on this star printed Z-Supply sweater with a slightly cropped fit for a cool girl vibe.


Star printed Z Supply sweater.


Sweater dresses are considered loungewear by me. Especiallytheselong sleeve midi dresses. The fabric is like butter. If you’re staying home, add some chenille socks and you’re chic and comfy.


This image shows a long sleeve midi dress available at Gia Rose.


A sweater dress can also be worn out of the house now and in the spring with sneakers or dressed up with your favorite ankle boots. Add a puffer coat or a denim jacket depending on the temperature and you’re ready for anything!

The most important factor in choosing your loungewear is the fabric. You want something soft and cozy, that will keep you warm but not suffocate you.

Look for cotton, or fleece lined sets. If it says “Barefoot Dreams Dupe” add to cart immediately because it is going to be the softest thing you’ve ever worn.