Last Minute Gifts

  1. Slippers $26
  2. Tyler Candle $25
  3. Coffee Mug $9-$15
  4. Nightgown $17
  5. CBD Bath bomb $19.95
  6. Blanket Scarf $18
  7. Makeup Brush $26
  8. Swig Cup $23- $29
  9. Keychain $7-$12
  10. Duke Cannon Lip Balm $11.25
  11. Inspirational Book $15

Whoops! Procrastination got the best of you. It happens, but it’s crunch time to get your gifts bought. Here’s 11 Last Minute gift ideas from Gia Rose! You can shop in store (free gift wrapping) or shop online and choose in-store pickup and your order will be ready the next day!


1. These slippers are a great gift for your mom, sister, best friend, mother-in-law, or your neighbor you forgot about. Classic black or spunky leopard. Pair with a good book, bath bomb, or coffee mug for a simple yet thoughtful gift.

2. You can’t go wrong withanything from the Tyler Candle Co. they’ve been in basically every gift guide I’ve posted this year. Snag one of the Christmas scents to burn on Christmas Eve or one of the signature scents ( Fleur de Lis is popular!) so they can use your gift year round.

3. Coffee Mug, it’s generic, it’s basic but in a pinch--it works. Grab a gift card from the local coffee shop or a blend of his or her favorite coffee to put with it and you’re golden! There are a variety of mugs in store or online. Find the one that fits your person's personality!

4. I don’t know how I missed this nightgown on my previous guides. It’s SEVENTEEN DOLLARS and so so cute. I joked with the girls “Give the Gift of the Perfect Night’s Sleep” and grabbed a silk pillowcase with it. But this could honestly be a standalone gift, too.

5. COVID cases are rising, you can’t travel or gather in large groups, you’re shopping online, the stress of the holidays, it’s all piling up...a CBD bath bomb is the ultimate self care relaxing gift. The power of CBD relaxes your muscles, and eases your anxieties all while soaking in a hot bath with some candles lit….I’m not a bath taker, but I’ll admit, it sounds appealing. Bath Bombs at $19.95, great to add with a bottle of wine, or a good book, or a microfiber hair towel, or to just toss into a stocking.

6. Blanket Scarves…. I thought they were gone, but I was mistaken. The fact that I can admit a mistake shows some personal growth… but anywho these blanket scarves are $18 and are a great gift alone or paired with a CC beanie or headband.

7. Makeup Brush, covered this in stocking stuffers. But hey, a reminder isn’t a bad thing. This is a convertible 4-in-1 makeup brush. Needing a gift for a beauty lover in your life or a preteen/teenage girl? Perhaps she’s an aspiring makeup artist or youtube star. Support. Her. Dreams. Get the brush.

8. Swig Cup. Ain’t no gift like a Swig! If you’re looking for an affordable but solid gift, consider a Myra wallet! We have some super cute marble print ones that even my bougie self did a double take on. Swig cups keep your drink cold for up to 9 hours and hot for up to 3 hours. This is an awesome gift for a white elephant or dirty santa gift. Or throw in a gift card and gift it to one of your galpals!

9. I feel like we’ve shared and shared and shared about the “O” key rings, if you and your friends don’t have one by now--you’re on the late show. But it's okay! There’s still time (if they aren’t sold out) if they are--- the initial keychains make great gifts andgift tags add one to the outside of your gift bag for a personal and creative touch.

10. Had to throw something in for the guys. Lip balm isn’t the manliest gift, but it’s a necessity. The cold winter air is drying out his lips and nobody wants to meet a guy with crusty lips under the mistletoe, amiright? Toss it in a stocking or be a little more subtle and leave it laying around his place or in his car so he thinks he had it all along. A win-win if I say so.

11. An Inspirational book. As Christmas ends and the New Year approaches (Hallelujah!), an inspirational book is a good gift to help your pal get in the “New Year New Me” mindset. It also looks good as a coffee table book that she may never open. To each their own.


If all else fails, a Gia Rose Gift card is always the right size! 

Hope this helps get some last minute and “oops I forgot!” gifts crossed off your list!