Keep Yourself Accountable by Journaling

Now that we’re a few days into the New Year (goodbye 2020, you won’t be missed), you’ve probably already thought about and chosen a New Year’s resolution. Honestly though, I cannot stress enough how I’m soooo glad we’re moving into 2021 - last year has been ayear. Anyway. My New Year’s resolution is to read more books, and I know that the only way to stay on track is to keep myself accountable, so I’m going to journal while Icrush my resolution!

I picked up theDream Plan Do Journal from the shop, because 1. I love fabric journals, and 2. The size of the pages and line spacing are great. There are a fewother journals to choose from - but whatever you use, make sure you keep up with it!

I’m also aiming to read for 30 minutes a week and join a monthly book club to keep me motivated! I’m planning on using my journal to take notes one what I’ve read, how the chapters or books made me feel, and keep a running list of all the books I’ve read. I don’t have a specific goal, but Ido want to expand the genres of books I’m reading. I know I always gravitate towards psychological thrillers, but I think I’ll dive into some nonfiction or self-help books. I might even “read” an audiobook!

If your New Year’s resolution is also to read more books - that’s super cool! Feel free to take some of my ideas. But, if it isn’t you can always keep yourself accountable by journaling, no matter what your resolution is.

Why you should keep yourself accountable by journaling

While the practice of journaling can help track your progress through the year, it’s a great motivating tool to keep yourself accountable. When I’m journaling, I notice that it’s easier to let my walls down and I’m able to be honest with myself. I’m hoping that by writing my feelings about the different genres, I’ll be able to reflect at the end of the year and see how far I’ve come. 

Journaling lets you be there foryou. If you’re able to schedule journaling time into your day or week, you’re investing in yourself. There’s a saying that my mom would tell me, reflection plus inspired action equals growth. And I feel that. When I can reflect on my feelings with my journal as my accountability partner, I’ll be inspired to continue the action, and I’ll grow to become a better version of myself - which is the whole point of resolutions, right?

Questions to ask yourself when journaling

There are a few prompts you can use to help get your creative juices flowing for your journaling. 

  • What is your New Year’s resolution? Reiterate it!
  • How do you feel about this goal? Check in and be honest with yourself.
  • Is what you’re doing today/this week helping? What do you need to do better next time?
  • What challenges have you faced?
  • What wins have you had? CELEBRATE YOU, GIRL!
  • What do you feel inspired to do next?
  • What is the perfect environment for you to keep going? How do you create that?

Make sure you tag us on social media with your New Year’s resolution - happy journaling!