Jo's Top 10 Summer Must Haves

Hello friends!

I have a confession...I am not a Summer girl. I prefer the cool temps of September, the snowfall of January, and the light breezes of April over the sticky, suffocating, scorching heat of the Summer. As I’ve aged, I do like Summer alittle bit more than I used to; but I think that is because I’m into the Summer clothes. Is anyone surprised? Well, hold on to your seats because I’m about to drop my Top 10 Summer Must Haves!

  1. Summer Dresses
  2. Visors
  3. Beach Bag
  4.  Swig Cup
  5. Graphic tee
  6. Shorts
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Wind & Willow Dip
  9. Round Beach Towel
  10. Sandals

While I’m not a Summer girl, Iam a dress girl, and Summer meansdresses! My first Must Have is an arsenal of summer dresses. I’m really into shirt dresses. They’re the easiest to wear for work but I also like to wear them on the weekends for a dressier weekend vibe. Since it’s Summer, I embrace the season and like to have some trendy dresses in different styles. A bright pink shift dress, a floral midi, an eyelet maxi, and of course t-shirt dresses! These cotton dresses are so soft and breathable that you almost, almost don’t notice the 100 degree heat in July.

Call me crazy, but I aminvestedin thevisortrend for 2021. I’m almost 30, so skin care is important and part of that is protecting my face from the sun. You won’t find me wearing it in the garden, but you will find me poolside sporting one. They velcro in the back for an adjustable fit and come in several colors so you can color match your outfit or swimsuit!Sunhatsare also a solid choice, too. I’m not picky but summer accessories are a MUST because if I’m going to be sweating, I better be stylish. 

Obviously, aBEACH BAG! These remind me of one my aunt would carry when I was a little girl. The straw, the fringe, the pattern takes me right back to swim meets, trips to big hill, and running through the Sprinkler. In addition to a beach bag, I don’t go anywhere outdoors without mycooler bag. A big part of surviving the heat is staying hydrated. How fun is this print?!

Speaking of staying hydrated…the new season means a new cup! You all know I loveSwigcups and a fresh bright print for Summer is much needed! Can’t wait to fill it with crushed ice and water….yes water. All Summer long.

We all love graphic tees and Summer is no exception. I need a fun, cheeky graphic tee to wear with my biker shorts!! I’m lovingthis one, but there are tons of optionshere.

Shorts, Shorts, Shorts! We all have our own views on our bodies, but one that I actually like about myself is my legs. Somehow I’ve maintained a somewhat nicely formed leg. Is that weird to say? Anyway, I’m not a girl that is self conscious about wearing shorts; so I like to stock up on them. For Summer 2021, I’ve got a good mix of shorts to get me through.Biker shorts for casual athleisure wearing an oversized graphic tee,jean shorts to dress up with a blouse and to toss over my swimwear heading to the pool, and of course some “fashion” shorts. I snagged some black scalloped shorts that are going to be perfect for wearing on a Summer vacay.

Next, Funsunglasses! I took a risk and purchased a white pair from Amazon, but I haven’t tried them on yet. Will they be chic or not so chic? Stay tuned. While tiny sunglasses seem to be on trend...thanks Kim Kardashian. I’m not into them, I’m still rocking the early 2000s trend of oversized sunglasses and I’ll never stop wearing black aviators. 

Summer 2021 is going to be all about the gatherings, because ya girl is #vaccinated.  I’m talking BBQ after BBQ, Sunday brunches, lunch with the girls, Saturday night’s by the fire pit. I know I said I wasn’t a Summer girl but there’s nothing quite like a Summer party. When I go to a party, I hate to show up empty handed, enterWind & Willow Dips. These are quick, easy, and delicious! They’re sure to make a hit at any gathering you host or attend.

One of my favorite things about the season is getting a new beach towel. Somehow over the past few years I’ve gathered quite the collection.Round beach towels made an appearance during Summer 2020 and they are back again! These beach towels or beach blankets are perfect for laying out or lounging by the pool. They’re large enough to sprawl out on and the circular shape covers more area if you’re in a lounge chair. Nothing I hate more than my beach towel not covering my chair when I’m trying to get my tan on. I know, the sun is the devil, but I grew up laying in the backyard while my mom smothered herself in baby oil and some habits are hard to break, okay? These are also a great accessory to keep in your car for picnics or outdoor concerts or Summer ball games. 

Last, I couldn’t talk about Summer without mentioningsandals!! I’ve never been a big sneakerhead so this is my time to shine. Obviously you need some neutral black, white, brown sandals (both flat & platform), but I’m looking for the shoe that’s going to make a statement. This year I’m looking forbejeweledsandals, ones with patterns and ones that can be worn with more neutral outfit options. Also, you need some pool shoes! A plastic-like shoe that is comfy, but can easily get wet or sandy is key for Summer. You don’t want to take your nice sandals to the beach or lake, getthese.

For a “Not Summer” girl, it was pretty easy for me to compile this list of Must Haves. Memorial weekend is fast approaching and that is the official kick off to Summer so hurry and buy all my must haves so you’re ready for the season! Or better yet, create your own must have list and enjoy!