How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to A Fall Look

With autumn comes beautiful weather, lots of pumpkin spice lattes and of course, stellar fall style. Whether you’re making the most of your summer, or you can’t wait for fall fashion trends to come back around, learning how to maximize your wardrobe for every season is essential for making it work all year round. 

Chances are, you already have the foundation for a great fall wardrobe. Simple swaps or additions to your closet can make a big impact and help ease the transition between seasons. Today, we’re sharing a few summer to fall transition outfits that will help you bridge the gap between seasons and streamline your outfit selection process as we head into autumn.

All About The Layers

When it comes to fall style, it’sall about the layers. And, layers are the best way to transition your summer clothes into the new season, too. Think cardigans,sweaters, pullovers, or your favorite denimjacketlayered over a basic summer outfit, like jeans and a tee.

Not only will all of these pieces transform your summer staples into an entirely new outfit, they’ll also add another element of interest, too. As the temperature starts to drop, warm and cozy layering pieces make all the difference for style and warmth. 


Have a favorite summerdress you’re not quite ready to get rid of? No worries! Simply add a cute sweater or plaid flannel over the top for a layered summer to fall transition outfit that will work well all season long, whether you’re heading to the pumpkin patch or enjoying a dinner out.

Accentuate with Accessories

Don’t underestimate the style power of a chic fall accessory! Simply add a sleek scarf, a chunky pair of boots, or a nice handbag to your favorite summer outfit to make it fit for fall. When it comes to shoes, swapping out your favorite sneakers and sandals for a cute pair of booties or pumps is a great way to extend your style.

A nice pair of tights is another great way to totally transform an outfit with patterns, colors and textures that make your outfit instantly fall-ready. Stocking up on an array of tight styles is a great way to extend the life of your favorite summer dresses and skirts all season long.

Make Use of Your Maxis

Maxi dresses and skirts are a staple that can take you from the beach to out with friends and everything in between during the summer. But, before you toss them into the back of your closet where they won’t be seen until next year, try incorporating them into some of your fall looks this season.

Maxi dresses make great summer to fall transition outfits, and by adding a cute sweater or light jacket over the top, you can transform your entire look. To make the most of this look in the fall, don’t be afraid to layer up and emphasize your waist with a belt to add a bit of structure to your outfit, and add a simple necklace to finish off the look.