3 Ways to Style Your Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are almost like the cardigan of the t-shirt world. They’ve become so versatile that you can wear them to almost any event and with just about any other clothing item. The great thing about graphic tees (other than them being versatile) is that they come in such a variety that they truly can showcase your personality and style. If you’re a mom, there are millions of cool “mama” tees out there and even ones to match your littles! If you are a pop culture fantastic, find one featuring your favorite TV or movie characters or scenes. The options are literally endless. Here are three ways I’m styling graphic tees this Spring.

Style No. 1

First and foremost, the easiest way to wear your graphic tees is with high waisted denim. Seen on Sloan below. As the Gen Zer’s are saying, boyfriend jeans and “mom jeans” are coming back in style. Front tuck  your favorite graphic tee with a pair of slouchy jeans and sneakers while you’re out running errands or having a casual lunch with your galpals. Add an open toed heel or bootie (depending on the weather--and your pedicure) to dress it up. Now if you’re not a “tucker” and you prefer to wear your tees loose, no worries! Instead of wearing a loose fitting jean, opt for skinny jeans. Triple points if you can master the knotting your t-shirt. I, personally, can never get it right. My hack? Using a hair tie and balling it up. 

Style No. 2

One of the most popular trends in styling graphic tees is wearing it with a skirt! Midi, maxi, or mini--skirts and graphic tees go together like chips and queso. As a leopard loving lady, I like to pair my graphic tees with a longer leopard print skirt. It gives my outfit what I like to call “fancy & cool” vibes. Almost like I’m Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and The City. Her style is unmatched. Although many times I disagree with what she’s wearing, it can be too out there) I always feel Carrie-esque when I wear bright colors or a bold printed article of clothing. Again, you can tuck, tie, or crop your tee to fit the vibe of the skirt. Have ya’ll seen the bra tuck!? Genius. Pastels are always in during the Spring season and there is a lavender pleated midi skirt out there that has my name written all over it. I can’t wait to pair it with my Gia Rose tee to wear to work, or with my SATCshirt, or with basicallyany of the tees in my dresser.

Style No. 3

This next style would normally be one of my all time favorite articles of guessed it! Leather leggings. However, you already know that tossing on a graphic tee and denim jacket with leather leggings is a vibe. 

So I’m changing it up, as Spring hits and inevitably turns into Summer. I’m pointing you to more athleisure wear. Your matching lounge set is going to transform from sweats/joggers to shorts. I want to take you one step further and suggest--just hear me out---biker shorts. It was SO in style last year I think we can give it another season. This Spring especially on a Saturday visit to the Farmer’s Market, wear your fun graphic tee with some black biker shorts and throw a shacket over the top for extra style and warmth. Not only will I see you and be think “Ugh, her outfit is so cute and casual! Wish I could pull that off!” But the younger crowd will also be impressed. Yes, I’m talking about those 18-21 year old gals us late 20s early 30 ladies are still trying to be. No shame in our game!

Because I’m on a roll, and Bella has finally taken the hint that I’m busy writing and it’s not time for cuddles. I challenge you to style your graphic teeone more way. Tie that tee up over a maxi dress. The leopard maxi we had in store FLEW off the shelves before I could link it for you, but find a spaghetti strap dress, a rockin’ graphic tee and knot that bad boy (or use the bra tuck) at the waist. Again, you’ll be on-trend. Don’t forget to share how you style your graphic tees with us by using the #giarosepk hashtag!

Now that I’ve written this, I better stock up on fresh, new graphic tees so you all don’t catch me slippin!