How To Style Women's Flannel Shackets

The women’s flannel shacket!!!! Where does one start?! The shacket is the perfect fall (must need) item! The ways of styling a shacket are literally endless!

It can take the place of a cardigan, jean jacket, trench, or motorcycle/leather jacket. For example, if you already own a cardigan or jean can wear a shacket in place of one of these items to add some modern flare to your style!

It’s really that simple, but this simple change of adding a shacket into your wardrobe undeniably ups your fashion game


20 Ways to Style the Women’s Flannel Shacket:

1. Literally replace how you already wear a cardigan, jean jacket, trench coat, or motorcycle jacket. Just simply swap out one of these items that you already own for a shacket! Immediately, you look like you are up on the newest fashion!
2. Wear the shacket over a monochromatic look. Pair it with white shorts and a white tee/tank or white pants & white tee. You could wear this look with any shoes from booties, combat boots, cowboy boots to tennis shoes! 
3. The shacket looks very stylish paired with jeans and a tee. Again, wear with any shoes from boots to tennis shoes.

4. If you love joggers, sweat pants, or sweat shorts, the shacket pairs beautifully with sweats. Grey joggers and a cropped tank with shacket and tennis shoes screams I’m comfortable but fashionably aware of what I’m doing! It also screams that you are fashionable, but very cool😎 
5. If you are wondering about leggings/yoga pants, wonder no more! Leggings paired with shackets are a hard YES! Leggings paired with a tee/tank, shacket and booties or tennis shoes is very stylish and most people already have these items in their closet! 
6. For a California vibe, wear your shacket with an athletic set (sports bra & leggings).
7. Another Cali way to wear the shacket is to pair it with shorts and a bralette or swimsuit top. Throw on some sneakers and you will look straight off the west coast! 
8. A very classy way to wear a shacket is to wear it buttoned up with nothing underneath (except a bra 😉 ). Wear this with blue jeans or ivory/black jeans and boots! This look is different than most people wear shackets but it is one of the classiest ways to wear the shacket so don’t forget about this look! 
9. Biker shorts!!! Biker shorts paired with any graphic or solid tee and shacket with sneakers is a casual way to be a show stopper! Plus, it’s comfy! 
10. A second way to wear the shacket with biker shorts would be to wear the shacket buttoned up with no tee underneath! Pair it with a black ball cap and sneakers and this is high fashion for ya!
11. Pair the shacket over jeans/jeans shorts & tee BUT ADD A WIDE BRIM HAT! This fall look is undeniably fashion forward and perfect! Wear this look with boots or sneakers.
12. If you own high boots, like the ones that come up to your knee or even over the knee boots, wear a shacket with jean shorts/tee but with high boots rather than booties for a sexy look! 
13. Don’t forget to add your layered necklaces with a shacket. For example, if you wear a solid black tee, jeans, flannel shacket, and sneakers, this would be the perfect time to add your layered necklaces! 
14. Wear your any graphic tee under a shacket and you are instantly cool and stylish! 
15. If you have a neutral or jean dress, a shacket worn with it would be beautiful! You can pair this look with sneakers or booties! If you want to be extra, add a wide brim hat or even a ball cap!
16. If you are into the tennis skirt trend, wear a pleated skirt with a tee/cropped tank, tennis shoes, and throw a shacket over it! This is extra in the best way! You really could pair the shacket with any skirt! 
17. If you are pregnant, wear your maternity jeans and tee and throw an oversized shacket over it and you would be so cute!
18. Pair shacket with an unexpected shoe: (wear open toe heels -wear combat boots -wear rain boots -wear converse/ high top converse). These unexpected shoe style would all look cool with jean shorts/jeans, a tee, & shacket. 
19. If you get hot, it’s very cute and in style to tie the shacket around your waste! Whether you are wearing it with a dress or over leggings, tying it around your waste will look very cute! 
20. If you are feeling overwhelmed, never forget this simple, yet forever timeless look! Jeans and a white tee! To class it up, wear a pretty belt and mules or boots and then put shacket over tee!

The shacket is the one the easiest things to add to your closet because it can go with so much! It will add instant style too! The women’s flannel shacket is definitely a purchase you won’t regret this fall!