How to Style Biker Shorts

They’ve been around for a while now and I think at first people were split, but I’ve always been a fan...that’s right I’m talking aboutbiker shorts. They’re like leggings, but shorts; can be dressed up or down, come in a variety of colors and patterns, and are comfy as heck.Yes, their original intention was to be worn while biking or in a spin class, but like everything else they were adapted to fit into our everyday lifestyles.

I think we can thank the People’s Princess, the late-great Princess Diana for the inspiration. 

I meancome on! ICONIC. Don’t even get me started into the black hole that is the life and death of Princess Diana. I’m not trying to get put on any watch or hit lists, but if you haven’t watchedDiana: In Her Own Wordson Netflix stop reading and do it now. It’s SO good!

Biker shorts are being styled differently all over the internet. Depending on your agenda for the day, they can be worn for work out class or styled with a blazer for a chic, city slicker looking outfit. Some people may shy away from this particular garment out of fear that they’re legs aren’t “shorts material” or they think the shorts will be unflattering, butIfeel like it’s the total opposite. So to help ease your minds, we at Gia Rose grabbed some biker shorts and worked on some ways to style so you can feel more comfortable branching out and wearing the dang shorts.

Matching Set


Matching sets are still raging on. But with the season change, we’re trading our joggers for the fitted spandex shorts. If you’re actually working out, a matching crop top or sports bra is a LOOK with biker shorts. If you’re more modest or crops aren’t your thing, a coordinating sweatshirt is perfectly acceptable (see Diana above). Sets like theFree To It Set make it easy to look casual yet put together while running errands or lounging around.


Oversized Graphic Tee

If you thought we were done with graphic tees, you’re mistaken. With biker shorts, I like to pair an oversized graphic tee to balance the sleekness of the shorts. It’s also long enough to cover the hips and bottom and leave the shorts peeking out. Get creative with your tees; favorite sports teams, rocker tees, etc.. this is the time for those. I even gravitate towards shopping in the mens section of bigger stores like Walmart and Target to get a good oversized graphic tee. Pair it with your favorite sneakers or slide sneakers and some dark sunglasses. 


I find my inspiration from Pinterest, Celebrities, and Influencers but you can find outfit and style inspiration anywhere! This is one of the best and most chic ways I’ve biker shorts styled. Black biker shorts, Black sports bra (or crop top) and an oversized boyfriend blazer. The fashionistas wear it with chunky sneakers or some kitten heels, in the SEK that’s probablynot going to happen, but with some Nike Sneakers or funsandalsI can see it and I dig it.

Monochrome & Chic

I like to be comfortable in the Summer. You’ll see me sporting a sundress almost every day. On the occasion that I’m not wearing a sundress or when I’m trying to be a little more casual, I like to wear my biker shorts in a monochromatic look. A black t-shirt or tank top (flowy of course) and then you can add a jacket to off set it or another fun accessory like a leopard print ball cap or if you’re me, a headband.

How fun is this camo jacket paired with the black on black look?

A good rule of thumb when shopping around for the right biker short for you is to shop them like you’re shopping for a really good pair of leggings. You can them to be a thick and good material and to hold you in and be flattering. Check out the assortment at gia rosehere.