How to Sleigh Your Look at Your Holiday Party this Year

Sleigh My Name, Sleigh My Name...we all want to show up and show out at the holiday parties this year (even if they’re only on zoom). Whether you’re meeting with your friends for a socially distant holiday brunch or attending your company’s annual holiday party there is a way to be sure yousleigh all your outfits this season! Okay, I’ll stop with the “sleigh”.

Sequins, Sparkle, Glam

Nothing screams holiday traditions like a little sparkle! Sequins seem to sparkle more under the twinkle lights of a Christmas tree.  If you’re able to physically go somewhere and it’s fancy, there is no other option than a sequined dress. You’re fancy and fun and sure to grab the attention of everyone in attendance. A human disco ball andthat is a compliment.

A sequined top with skinny jeans or black denim is another option for a more upscale casual look. Black sequins are always chic, but try a softer holiday look with a rose gold or blush pink option.


gia rose sequined leopard top


Staying home? A hot trend we’re seeing online is sequined joggers! Talk about luxury loungewear. You can pair them with a same colored cami and blazer for a chic monochromatic look or a graphic tee for a more fun vibe.  My personal favorite is my glitter boots.

I wore them out last holiday season*remember going out on a Saturday night? How fun. A guy told me they reminded him of Michael Jackson shoes, I took it as a compliment. MJ was the King right? So I was the Queen of KP that night...and we’ve all felt that way at one point or another, yes?

(As a helpful side note: this is a must read if you're going to stay home on New Year's Eve)

Red lip

A red lip is KEY to finishing off your holiday look. No matter what you’re wearing,a red lip instantly glams up your look. It’s important to find the right red for you; so many ladies are afraid of a red lip “It’s too bold.” or “It’s not for me.” if 2020 has taught us anything it’s be BOLD ladies.

Be extra, because you could end up with COVID wearing sweats for 2 weeks so you might as well show out while you can. At Gia Rose, we all really like the Maybelline SuperStay Liquid Lipstick. It lasts all day and night (and won’t smear with your mask)  and they have a ton of colors!

Fun Earrings

While a headband is my “signature” accessory, I also adore a fun statement earring. What better time to load up on sparkly, dangling earrings and wear them with everything. Remember those Christmas earrings your first grade teacher would wear on the day of your school Christmas party? Or maybe your mom let you get some at Walmart back in the day.

In high school we would’ve thought they were hideous, but now I find them so charming and fun. I recently purchased some nutcracker earrings at Target that I cannot wait to wear with an oversized sweater. There’s also a super sparkly pair at Gia Rose I’ve been eyeing that would go great with a LBD and red lip.

gia rose super sparkly earrings

I’d like to consider myself more of aMartha May Whoiverrather than aCindy Lou Who.

Athleisure Sets

Tis the Season to indulge, right?I think the 12 days of Christmas calls for some comfy clothes. You’ve probably seen athleisure sets all over the internet, we used to call them sweatsuits but we’ve evolved. These are matching two piece sets that can be dressed down with sneaks or dressed up with some open toed heels and a trench coat. Gia Rose has a few options for you to check out! ;)


gia rose loungewear sets


With more and more “Stay at home orders” appearing again, and Christmas gatherings being cancelled it’s the best time to treat yourself to a cozy, comfy matching set.  I’ll piggyback on this and shout out matching pajama sets, I’ve been on these for years (Never know when you’ll meet the man of your dreams IN YOUR DREAMS! Ya feel me?!) because of quarantines these have grown in popularity and so many sets you can’t tell are pj’s so they’re perfect for quick trips to the store or the Scooter’s drive thru. 

I’m itching to break out my sequins and nutcracker earrings, even though I’m not going anywhere. You should all know, I’m not above dressing up for my living room. I’m so glad December is here and in full swing! The Holiday season isn’t looking like it normally does and that’s okay, we can make the best of it by wearing our best outfits and adjusting to making memories with our friends and families in new ways!



how to sleight your holiday party look