How To Shop for CBD & Find Safe, Recommended Brands

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Many people don’t realize that Gia Rose was actually born out of a passion for CBD and blossomed into what it is today. Our CBD section is always well stocked, and you can get everything on our dedicated

You’re most likely aware that finding CBD products on shelves is as easy as walking into a convenience store these days. But with the lack of regulation in the current market determining which products are effective, reliable and (most importantly!) safe is pretty much a full time job.

One of the most difficult things is knowing where to find reliable answers. You need people who are there to help you find the best solution for YOUR particular needs. Not someone who is going to try to “sell” you CBD for the sake of selling CBD. 

We take the former approach at Gia Rose. To put it simply, what we do is help. We answer questions, we inform you about the brands we carry and we do everything in our power to ensure you have the info you need to make an informed decision. Whether you buy from us or not.

Our team is super friendly, knowledgeable and always here to assist however we can. You canstop by or call us during business hours to get an immediate answer every time orsend us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

There are a few key tips that will help you to stay ahead of the crowd that we’ll share here. We’re going to just go over a high level outline of the top points here. If you’re looking to learn about CBD, you should check out the rest of our info

    1. Pay attention to the THC content. Some people don’t realize that CBD products can contain THC, and some don’t realize that products come without it. Read the labels, but also check lab results to be certain. (More on that below!)
    2. Think about why you’re looking to use CBD. This seems like a simple no brainer on the surface. But considering why you are using one of these products will help to dictate what form of product you should get. If you’re curious because of anxiety or sleep related issues, you may prefer something taken internally. Perhaps tinctures or gummies. But if you’re looking because of muscle aches or cramps, you may want to consider a topical formula.
    3. Find out where the hemp is grown.Brands should be happy to have conversations and share information about their supply chain. You want to find USA grown hemp. Products made from overseas hemp are certainly more friendly on your wallet, but they are in no way accountable to state, federal or FDA standards and testing. 
    4. The amount of CBD should be clearly labeled. Make sure your product clearly states the amount of CBD in the bottle. It’s crucial to know how much is in each bottle to be able to determine your proper dose. In addition to that, it is a sign you may not be using a reputable brand. A lot of times people find themselves taking hemp seed oil when they’ve purchased a “CBD” product that isn’t clearly labeled as such.
    5. Make sure you know how to read labels. There is no regulation in the current CBD market. Unfortunately, that means that labeling is a bit like the wild west. Knowing what some key terms mean and what to look out for will help you to navigate the murky waters. We have a lot of that info, feel free to get more info over there.
    6. Ask for "independent lab tests". Most sites will have these readily available for you. If not, be sure to ask to see them before you buy. You want to make sure these reports come from independent labs...NOT from the companies themselves. You also want to make sure that they are recent and that they are for the specific product you intend on taking. If you are unsure about a result, we suggest reaching out to the source. If you’re not able to find an answer, assume the worst and source a company that will make this part easier. You’ll be safer with people who have nothing to hide.
    7. Stay away from brands that make specific health claims. At this stage of the game, responsible CBD brands know they aren’t allowed to make specific health claims. While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence out there, science is still trying to catch up. With the stigma around cannabis it’s been an uphill climb to say the least. The point of this tip is that if a brand is out there making wild health claims, it’s safe to assume they are looking out for a quick buck and are likely best avoided.

So what brands do we recommend?

At Gia Rose Health we have strict requirements for the CBD we carry. The tips above barely scratch the surface of our vetting process. As such, we focus on only the top, most trusted options on the market:

  • Joy Organics
  • cbdMD
  • CBDistillery

  • And always remember that we’re here if you need us. More than anything we care about YOU. We’ve learned so much along the way and love to share the amazing things we’ve discovered. The more we can help educate potential CBD users, the better it is for the market as a whole. 

    We hope that you found these tips to be useful. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the tips above before venturing into the world of CBD. There is a ton of potential around it, but the lack of regulation in the market overall requires a little extra diligence on your part. If you’d like to continue with more info now, please