How To Host A Fall Event That "Wows!" On A Budget



It’s no secret that the Gia Rose team loves to host parties: Friendsgiving, Ghouls Night Out, Brunches, and more. Any excuse to gather the girls and have a good time, we are in! One of the most asked questions, is “How do you do it?! How do you pull off these amazing gatherings and on a budget at that?” While we can’t give away allof our secrets, today I’m giving you my Five Tips for hosting the perfect party at home. (Can also applied to Office parties or anything you plan on hosting!)


Tip Number One: Repurpose and Borrow

You do not have to spend a ton of money to have a great party! You might be surprised how many things you already have lying around that can be repurposed into décor or serving dishes. Check out the line of serving dishes at Gia Rose! Perfect for your Charcuterie boards, dips, cookies, casseroles, everything you need. I can’t wait to get my hands on the “Store bought Sweets” plate and the “So Good” chip and dip platter.


Tip Number Two: Ask for help

One of the most important things to remember as a hostess, is that you don’t have to do it all, trust me I’m the first one to say “No, No—I’m the host. Just bring yourself.” Or “I’ve got it covered.” If I have learned anything it is to let them bring something—a bottle of champagne for mimosas, or if your friend makes the best dip ask her to whip it up and bring it!

So many times, we get caught up on being the “perfect” hostess and thinking we must do it all and we do not! Your girls are most likely thrilled that you’re creating this opportunity for a fun, relaxing, get together (away from their kids, spouse or dog in my case) that they definitely don’t mind relieving some of your stress by bringing a side dish, cups, drinks, or whatever else you may need.


Tip Number Three: Craft the Perfect Playlist

Nothing sets the mood like music. Sometimes finding the right songs it isn’t always the easiest, but it can be the most fun. Obviously, if you’re hosting an event in December Christmas tunes are a must and there are thousands of playlists you can use or pick from to curate your party vibe. For a Friendsgiving or other fall event, I like to throw in some “oldies” or any rendition of “I Put A Spell on You”, you can also never go wrong with Frank Sinatra! He’s classic!


Tip Number Four: Find your Signature

I host an annual Christmas brunch for my friend group. The second year I hosted it, I found a recipe on Pinterest for a Biscuit and Gravy casserole, and as someone who isn’t a big fan of eggs I thought “YES! I am doing this!” So, I whipped it up and my friends LOVED it, I mean loved it, before we knew it the entire pan was gone as the mimosas were flowing.

The next year when gathering RSVP’s everyone responded, “Will there be biscuits and gravy casserole?” Well duh, ask and you shall receive! It quickly became my signature dish, I even started making it for other events (birthdays, Friendsgiving, Christmas morning with my family, etc.…)

Now, your signature might be a delicious cocktail, a dip, or a dessert; whatever it is find it and run with it! Need some inspiration? Wind and Willow dips are quick, easy, and delicious!


Tip Number Five: Devil is in the details

The smallest details can sometimes be the biggest. Adding fun hand towels in your bathroom, is one of my secrets. I want my entire home to feel special when I have guests, how fun is it to wash your hands with a themed towel rather than a regular one?

I find fun hand and dish towels everywhere! There are some at Gia Rose, but you can get them at the dollar store, TJ Maxx, Walmart, anywhere! I keep them stored away and give them a wash with my favorite Tyler Candle Co. laundry detergent; wash the day before my party so they smell luxurious and you’d never know they were in a Rubbermaid in the garage year round!

Want your event to be memorable, scent is key! Scents are important because they can bring back memories that might otherwise never be recalled. Lighting scented candles or wall plug ins throughout your house (even in rooms that are not used) not only makes the house cozy but adds a little “oomph” to the ambiance and engrains in your guest’s minds.


Bonus Tip: If you’re hosting a fall event, get our in your yard and find some fall leaves! Scatter them on a flat surface, put them in a bowl with some faux pumpkins, or use them in your floral arrangements!


Whether you’re hosting girlfriends for Bachelor Monday, Friendsgiving, or my personal favorite Brunch, these tips will help give a little extra that will have you as the envy of your group and having them praise you has the “perfect hostess”.