How to Choose What to Wear for a Photoshoot

Whether they’re for your engagement, senior year, family portraits, or just for fun, photoshoots can feel intimidating! Either you’re a pro at looking like a complete natural in front of the camera (I wish!), or you feel kind of awkward posing in front of the camera and being put on the spot. 

No matter how you’re feeling, we know you’ll do amazing and look GORGEOUS! But if you’re looking for some extra help in figuring out what to wear for a photoshoot, we created this list of 5 tips for choosing the perfect outfit that will compliment you, the season, and the people you’re posing with!

Wear what you love!

Too often, people overthink what they should wear (I do too!), and most of the time, the best option is wearing something you love and wear all the time! (Unless that means sweatpants and a tee, ‘cause that might just not work here.😉)

Remember that you want to look natural in your photos and a great way to do that is simply by wearing clothing that you love and that represents your personality! 

If you love what you’re wearing, then most likely you’re going to feel much more comfortable in front of the camera too!

Consider the season

Your outfit and color scheme will definitely depend on the season. If it’s fall, maybe you’ll turn toward warm fall colors like maroon, navy blue, soft yellow, tan, or orange. In the winter, you might turn towards cool, deep colors like various shades of blue, gray, black, and reds. In the spring you can wear pastel colors like baby blue and blush pink and in the summer you can turn toward bright colors and playful patterns.

Match your style to your location

If your photoshoot is in the city, your outfit is probably going to look very different than if your photoshoot is in the woods or at a park. Remember to consider what your location looks like and dress accordingly! Especially when you consider your shoes!

For a city photoshoot you might want to dress up a bit more in a fitted dress and heels or a statement jacket with ripped jeans that will help you blend in with the city vibe. For a photoshoot at a park maybe you’ll go for a softer look with a flowy sundress or blue jeans and a casual top. Or maybe you’re doing an in-home photoshoot! For an in-home photoshoot wear something you’re totally comfortable in and that looks natural and like something you’d wear all the time. 

Don’t match. Coordinate.

If you’re doing a family photoshoot or a photoshoot with your significant other, remember to coordinate, but don’t match. Completely matching just sends too many cringy vibes. 

Choose a color palette of 3 or 4 colors to help coordinate, and mix and match those colors throughout everyone’s outfits. This simply helps your photos look so much more natural, since most families don’t go around completely matching every day!

Be Yourself!

If your fashion vibe screams loud prints, bright colors, lots of makeup and loads of accessories, I’m here for it! And you should totally do your thing!

Maybe your vibe features more neutral, earthy tones with flowy clothing, minimal makeup, and an overall minimalistic aesthetic. 

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between! 

No matter what your fashion style or go-to vibe is, remember that when you’re choosing what to wear for a photoshoot, all that matters is that you’re embracing and loving yourself for who you are!