Hosting the Perfect Galentine's Event

I mean who doesn't love a brunch or night out with the girls?! In my book, Galentines is the next best thing to Christmas! We all know that our girlfriends are the ones who truly get us and understand us.. they are our soulmates. I know mine are! They have been through it all and more to come haha I will share just a few tips to host your Galentines brunch or dinner.. I have done a brunch in the past and it was sooo much fun.


Galentines at Gia Rose is on 2.11 and you don't want to miss that celebration.But if you're planning your own get together, it's easier usually to gather the gals on a weekend but maybe a Thursday night dinner out, is an option too!

First things first, alcohol lol Everyone loves a good mimosa or Bloody Mary.. I think this will be on my next brunch gathering... Bloody Mary BAR!! I don't know how you make your mimosa but mine is with a splash of OJ mostly champagne a some fruit for color in your cup for that clink clink on the Instagram story lol

Party Tip: A lot of times the beverage table or display can almost be decor within itself which is a game changer when you are planning on a budget.

Galentines doesn't have to be a man hater gathering haha even though for the single gal it can be easy to do so.. more or less, a time to gather with your best girlfriends and have some fun. I always love to play a fun card game or something.. The year I threw my galentines party I brought back the game M.A.S.H... haha I know you remember it? I don't know many times my friends I use to play this with famous people or our middle school crushes. I couldn't even tell you how many times I played M.A.S.H. let's just say too many to count! I forever wanted to land on that Range Rover.. dream car for life lol


Another easy and must have for a party is a good back drop for your photos! I live for a Photo Booth.. you will almost always catch one of these at my parties.. Some may appear to be a more fancy than others but they are so key and fun too! I love them to look back on the fun memories we had that day!

This one was a cheaper one but it still did the job and fit the theme so well.. The GALS balloons was from Target.. Yes, that is a red tablecloth pinned up to the wall.. from the dollar tree as well as the balloons with helium taped to the floor - dollar tree is where it is at!! I have said it before and I will say it again.. dollar tree is the SPOT! lol


The brunch was such a good idea for more than one reason but mostly because of the food.. love me some good grub! Also, let the girlfriends bring food, or some OJ or whatever to help you out. We had a bagel bar and it was amazing but I love bagels like a lot.. You must have food to go with all those mimosas. It is all about balance when having a party... Galentines is an even better way to smash some food!

Now, what to wear too your Galentines event... as a gal, if we said we didn't think about our outfit we would be lying lol The good thing is gathering with the gals you don't have to show out for anyone.. my next party needs to be a PJ party, that is my jam lately. OK, back to Galentines.. Speaking of jammies... Gia Rose has hot pink jammies right now.. NEED, WANT!! A good graphic tee is always key and themed at that? even better!!! has a few right now that would totally work for a Galentines fit this year. If it is a dinner, Gia Rose has a red dressright now that is AMAZE! You can find something vey easily for sure to rock for a Galentines... shop local? Even better!! :)


Needless to say, there are many things it takes to throw a party but it really is the little things that make the party be a HIT. The game M.A.S.H.. that I printed off of Pinterest cost me literally nothing and it was the best part of the day.. All the other things are what make the party fun and pretty.. Galentines is all about girl time and that is most important thing to remember!