It’s My Ho-Ho-Holiday Collection

Christmas is arguably the best time of the year. Yeah, I said it. And here’s why - I love decorating my apartment and looking cute as heck in my holiday clothes. I’m about to turn into Julie Andrews fromThe Sound of Music because just like whiskers on kittens, these are a few of my favorite things.. HOLIDAY STYLE!

I can’t start this list without telling you that my favorite Christmas movie isNational Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. From Clark getting stuck in the attic to cousin Eddie’s mock turtleneck, I could watch that movie over and over and laugh every time… and I like to burn my“Jolliest Bunch This Side of Nuthouse” soy candle when I watch it. 

Speaking of movies,Home Aloneis right up there in my all-time fave Christmas movies. I feel like I say “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!” more than I should probably admit. And now, I can just wear it as agraphic tee, or give someone some serious side-eye while I drink hot cocoa out of the snarkymug. I dare you to not prank your roommates with boobytraps when you wear the shirt!

Ok, I need to tell you how obsessed I am with the ‘I am the gift’ tee. I bought this super soft statement tee last week with the sole intention of keeping it in my closet until I see my family on Christmas so I can wear it to remind them thatI’mthe real gift - because they can always use the reminder!

Not sure about you, but I feel like any Christmas decoration I have is so… childish. I mean, sure, maybe my popsicle stick tree with macaroni ornaments I made when I was 7 isn’t the best hall table decoration, but it’s all I had, ok? Until I got theThankful Wood Sign. It’s so perfect. The farmhouse style sign is handmade and painted in the most gorgeous shade of cream, making it the perfect accent piece for my hallway. I also picked up thesnowflake garland (because why not?) to put on the table as that little extra something something - and it really ties the whole area together.

Another super easy, super affordable way to decorate your space for the holidays is to use seasonal hand towels. Throw them on your oven handle, cabinet knobs by the sink, and on the towel rack in your bathroom, and it instantly and inexpensively upgrades your home. I have thegetting lit dish towel hanging by my bar, theeat drink and be merry dish towel hanging in my kitchen, and themerry little christmas towels in my bathroom. 

I get it, Christmas is only a few weeks away, but don’t stress. Whether you’re decorating on a budget or not sure what to wear that’s practicaland festive, we’ve got you covered. You can check out all of our super cute holiday collection itemshere - and tag us on social media! Have fun decking your halls!

ho-ho-holiday collection