Gift Guide for your Gals


When researching gift guides, I went back and forth, should there be several that cater to each friend, different price points, etc… there are many ways this could go when you’re shopping for your galpals. Finally, I decided, no--we are all ladies on the go and don’t have time to read 50 different posts about what to buy! Whether we’re moms, young professionals, or just plainbusy, this gift guide is your one stop Gia Rose shop to find the best gifts for all the gals in your life!

Work Bestie

Your work bestie is the one who gets you through long days at the office. Maybe your desks are side by side or maybe she’s in a different department but you meet at the water cooler to chat...that sounded very 90s. It’s probably more accurate that you Facetime from your respective desks or are constantly snap chatting with each other.

How do you show your appreciation to her for listening to your wild weekend tales and putting up with your stressed out rants when meeting a deadline? ASwig tumbler is a great gift for your work bestie! Swig life brand tumblers are made with Stainless Steel and insulated to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. They’re dishwasher safe and come in a crazy amount of colors or patterns. The 22 ounce is just right for this gal, but you could also snag the coffee cup and pair it with a gift card from her favorite coffee place.


Another great gift is a funnotebook, she can use it for work to do lists and strategies, or to make a list of all the gossip you two need to catch up on during your next lunch date! Anyone else do that?




She’s single, she’s fun, she’s fashionable, she’s….me? Just kidding, kind of. Generally us single gals are happy to receiveany gift. However, we can also be the hardest to shop for because we generally buy everything we want or you’re like me and keep a running list of “wants” on your phone, so if someone asks or when it’s time to send that list to Santa, you’re prepared.

First, a statement earring,thesefrom Ink and Alloy are so fun for the holiday season with a red sweater or velvet ensemble. She can rock these on NYE too or the black is neutral enough to wear year round. Another option is the uber popular, clay homemade earrings; we have several pairs and different brands.



Thesebrass wishbones are different and make a great statement. Another trendy item is aNeoprene tote! These started popping up in the Spring and are here to stay! They even come in a camo print and while I personally am not the Queen of camo, it’s still really popular and fun. Last, give the gift of a custom scent withMixologie! The Tiny Try Me Kit comes with 10 trial size "dab to try" bottles of our Mixologie fragrances in a super cute box! Gift a whole box or split them up amongst your girlfriends.



Mom Friend

We are currently in this stage of life where half of our friends are single living the dream and the other half are married and/or moms living the dream. Perhaps your bestie is a single mom killin it and she needs to be reminded to treat herself with a gift card for a spa treatment, or maybe you have to buy her an actual gift because she’ll never use that gift card.

Maybe she’s a new mom! For that busy mom on the go, I recommend a“O” ring keychain. As a dog mom, I’m forever grateful for this handy tool when taking Bella anywhere. So, if I see the value in the convenience of slipping the ring around my wrist while I grab her leash, or when I’m carrying groceries, or running errands, your mom friends will too.



These also make great stocking stuffers forany girl. Not to point any fingers, but I have one mom friend thatnever sleeps....I’m always waking up to Instagram notifications and texts from 3 a.m. when I’m comfortably snoozing and she’s watching Netflix or doing dishes.

With that being said, if you have a mom friend that doesn’t sleep, consider aKitsch Sleep Set.You’ve probably heard the hype of silk pillowcases, which I swear by--I even travel with mine (RIP to the pillow I left at our hotel in Nashville). The sleep set comes with a silk pillowcase, a sleep mask, and a silk scrunchie which is also really good for your hair. The ultimate self care set!



For new moms aninitial necklacewith her baby’s initial is a thoughtful gift (keeps her trendy too), you can grab a swaddle for the little one while you’re at it.



We all have a friend, or are the friend, that likes to host all the parties.. Maybe she hosts family or friends when they come into town. One of my favorite productsever is theTyler Candle Co. Glamour Wash which is jargon for fancy laundry detergent. Give the gift of luxury and gift your favorite hostess with my personal favorite “High Maintenance” or another popular scent“Diva”. She’ll thank you for one the thoughtful gift and two when her guests are super impressed with the smell of her towels and sheets and she is deemed “best hostess in the SEK” 



Another great gift for the hostess friend is aCharcuterie Set. Charcuterie is all the rage, maybe you’ve seen that thing on the internet floating around saying us millennials like charcuterie platters and mimosas so much because we grew up on lunchables and Sunny D. If you’re looking for a high quality gift at a higher price point, the Mudpie collection of serving dishes always make a great gift.

TheChip and Dip is the winner because who doesn’t want to fill that with some Ernesto’s salsa and chips? Speaking of dip--Wind and Willow dips also make a great gift! Pair with a seasonal or quirky dish towel or a bottle of wine and you’ve given the ultimate hostess back stock for her next soiree or a treat for herself.



Again..this could be describing me. The friend who would rather stay home with Netflix or a good book. This girl is the easiest to shop for; somecozy socks,a sherpa blanket, and a good smelling candle are the way to her heart.



I prefer Tyler Candle Co. but the Sweet Water Decor brand is like a mini version of your favorite Bath and Body scents and they’re made with soy so they burn better and longer.

You could also throw in amugso she can pour wine in it and pretend it's coffee. I’m partial to the “I love my Lab” one and theMerry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal one because who doesn’t love Home Alone?!



College Girl

You sister, younger bestie, daughter…we pretty much all know a college girl right now. She’s probably the hardest one to shop for on your list. The most relevant gift for her is a trendy mask chain she can sport while out on the town or while she’s in class. Since our little college gals are always on the go thismakeup bag is a great choice!



It’s not just for cosmetics, but it’s easy to toss in the essentials if she’s running from work to class to practice or whatever her schedule has planned for her. This is also a great gift if you have a traveling friend.We’re not doing much traveling right now, but maybe she travels for her job? Or she’s planning a weekend trip because 2020 has been ayear and she deserves it.

My word, this is lengthy, and I could keep going! My love language is gifts--giving and receiving. I hope this guide made it a little easier for you and if it didn’t, stop by the store and let me help you shop!



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