Four Summer to Fall Transition Staples

Fall The Favorite Trends

Fall is right around the corner, but many of us aren’t ready to give up our cute summer apparel just yet. Why store away your comfy and fun summer outfits when you don’t need to! The weather is still on the warm side and there’s time to get in a few more summer outfits before the heavy duty jackets come out. Below are 4 modified summer outfits that you can still wear in the fall season. 


Don’t fret! You can still wear all of your flowy and free spirited dresses during the fall season. Try pairing a long, flowing, sundress with a denim jacket and a pair of vans with socks matching the pattern of your dress. Or opt for a shorter, knee length dress with a bomber or denim jacket. And if the weather is on the chillier side that day, throw on a pair of light leggings or tights to keep the cold away. You can also wear dresses without the extra layers but still keep warm with long sleeved options. You can choose a dress on the tighter side with elbow length sleeves, or a more flowing type dress with billowing arms. 


The great thing about skirts is how flexible they can be when it comes to accessorizing. You can go for the boho look with a long, loose skirt and a cropped cardigan shirt or any tight long sleeved top. This way you get the best of both worlds, half free and airy the other tight and warm. Another option for the warmer days would be a skirt with a pair of converse and a sweater. I personally love this look because your legs get to breath but your arms are warm and cozy. Keep your sweater untucked and partially covering the top, and if you’re looking for a more formal look throw on a simple dress shirt with the collar folded over the sweater, giving a more professional look.


Culottes are the perfect medium between skirts and jeans. Not too tight but also not too loose, culottes give you the sensation of wearing pants that feel like a long skirt. You can pair your culottes with practically anything! If it’s more on the chilly side throw on a sweater and leave untucked, or a tighter long sleeved shirt tucked in. If it’s warmer outside, throw on a simple t-shirt tucked in or a sleeveless blouse and a pair of sandals or formal sneakers. I love culottes because they come in so many different sizes. You can opt for those that go all the way to your ankles, or a pair much shorter, reaching slightly past your knees. Either way they’re a great way to keep your summer vibes well into the fall. 


If you’re looking for a more “scandalous” outfit, look no more. Bralettes are mostly worn under a shirt, but why do that when they can be their own outfit? Bralettes come in many shapes and sizes, so why not go for it? Pair this with a pair of jeans and either a thin cardigan or shawl. Accessorize with some chunky sandals or small heels, and get the perfect mix of fun and formal.