This Season’s Next Hot Trend: Clay Earrings

Yes.Clayearrings. I know. When you think of clay, or at least when I think of clay, I think back to those failed high school art classes where everyone else was making cool pottery vases and I had something that faintly resembled a blob on my wheel. So when I first heard about clay earrings, I thought about ugly, blobby eyesores hanging from my ears - until I actually saw them. And let me just say, they arenothing like my high school art class days, and I can see why they’re starting to trend.


haleys in white clay earrings poppydotco

Take theseHaleys In White clay earrings, for example. They’re so simple, but you can literally wear them with anything. One of my favorite looks with these earrings is a simple sweater with my hair pulled back a little so you can get a peek at them. But they can also add that extraoomph when you need to go kick butt at your next meeting in your power blazer. Because of these earrings’ minimalist style, you can dress them up or dress them down and we guarantee you’ll be swimming in compliments.


elanor studs rust clay earrings poppydotco

When you want a little more subtlety, go with theElanor Studs Rust. Since they’re studs, they won’t draw too much attention to your ears, but the deep orangey rust color adds a nice pop of color to your look. And the details of floral prints just... *chefs kiss*. These would look great with an olive green sweater or a mustard yellow cardigan. Keep those fall vibes going by pairing a plum blazer with these clay earrings.


terrazo rainbow style clay earrings


 Whenever I see the Terrazzo Rainbow's on my earring board, I immediately get a smile on my face because they look like little rainbows! These are a great in-between for the two pairs I told you about earlier. They’re simple and dainty, but make have that WOW factor. I love to keep the good times coming when I pair myBe Happy Graphic Tee with these earrings because they make me feel like sunshine on a cloudy day. But the best part about these clay earrings is that even though you can wear them with your casual clothes to run errands or grab a coffee with the girls, you can put these on with a little black dress and put some soft curls in your hair to make that special someone swoon.


be happy graphic tee


As cute as clay earrings are, there’s a little extra care that you need to put into keeping them that way! You should always clean them using a damp cloth, and never wear them in the shower or while swimming. Store them in a cool, dry place like an earring board (like me!) to avoid damage to the earrings. If you’re going to spritz on some perfume, do it before you put on clay jewelry, because the material is porous and can absorb the oils - potentially damaging the jewelry.

You can check out all of oursuper cute clay earrings here - and tag us on social media with how you’ve chosen to wear them! 




super cute clay earrings