Choosing The Best Everyday Jewelry

If you’re looking for a way to accessorize with jewelry daily without much planning, keep reading because this post is perfect for you! 

When time is limited in the morning, it’s easy to throw accessorizing out the window, but if you have everyday go-to pieces, you can put them on without thinking about anything! 

Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist.... like dainty or chunky jewelry.... accessorizing can be easy and is essential to completing a stylish look.  

The best everyday jewelry looks are the ones that can be worn with almost every outfit

So, how do you choose thebest everyday jewelry

We suggest finding:

  • 2-4 favorite necklaces
  • 1-3 bracelets
  • 1classic hoop earring

You can always add on to your collection, but this is a great starting point! 

All of Gia Rose’s necklaces can be worn daily and layered! 

When choosing 2-4 necklaces, pick your top 3 favorite necklaces without worrying about the lengths.  The beauty in modern necklace layering is that it doesn’t matter if all necklaces are the same length or if they are staggered (different lengths)!!! 

It’s really THAT simple!  

The simple doubled gold chain necklace combination is an easy way to begin layering... a paperclip style mixed with a flat herringbone chain looks gorgeous together!

The two necklaces can be worn with essentially anything. 

You can layer another necklace that you love or that has personal meaning to you such as an initial necklace or cross necklaceon top of the simple doubled gold chain necklace. 


This is just an idea, but the best way to layer is to choose your very favorite 2 to 4 necklaces, whether it be a combination listed above or any 2 to 4 random necklaces!  This 2nd way is even better because it's a representation of your own personal style!

One of the coolest parts of layering necklaces is that you can choose to wear only 1 necklace at a time or wear 2, 3, 4, or even 5 necklaces depending on your personality! 

You do not have to wear an odd number although you can never go wrong with layering 3 necklaces! 

If you want your necklaces to be staggered, you can pick necklaces that are all different lengths, but they do not have to be exactly spaced perfectly.  It’s very stylish to wear 2 necklaces that are the same length and sit on top of one another too! 

Staggered necklaces or necklaces that layer with less staggering are all game!! 

How cool is that?!  It’s wonderful that there aren’t any major rules and that anything goes as it allows you to just focus on collecting necklaces that you like rather than worrying about the lengths or how many to buy!    



The best versatile jewelry pieces can be worn with almost every style of shirt/dress!  It doesn’t matter if your top is v neck, round neck, patterned, solid colored, or collared! 

Layering necklaces goes with all tops!  If you decide you don’t love your necklaces with a certain outfit because it feels too busy, it’s important to still accessorize with earrings and/or bracelets!  

All styles of hoop earrings are where it’s at these days and what’s cooler is that they never go out of style!  All sizes of hoops are trending currently!  When shopping for an everyday earring, you can’t go wrong with any size hoop earring. 

The best options for everyday jewelry include necklaces, earrings, and bracelets

It’s on trend to layer bracelets at the current moment, but this is another classic trend that actually never goes out of style.

If you already own a watch that you love, it’s wonderful to wear it with a couple bracelets. 

The Sloan stack bracelet set is a perfect bracelet setto buy if you are looking for a one and done set to wear every day! 

It could be worn alone or with a watch or other bracelets.  

You can mix in colorful bracelets with your everyday bracelets to add some fun too!  If you are a chunky jewelry lover, the chain link stoned bracelet, turquoise would be a great everyday choice!

Now that we have covered all of the ways to choose, layer, and wear everyday jewelry, it’s important to remember that you really cannot go wrong by accessorizing. 

When in doubt, choose jewelry that you like and it will always be better than not accessorizing.

When picking out everyday accessories, it’s most important to remember to focus on choosing pieces that you love the most, instead of only focusing on what is trending.  This way, it’s a representation of your own individual style!  Lastly, never underestimate the power of accessorizing!