Bucket Hats

Originating in the 1900s by Irish farmers and dock workers, and popularized by the rap scene in the 1990s, the bucket hat has once again found itself in the spotlight of mainstream society. 

When looking to pair your outfits with a bucket hat you may run into some unforeseen obstacles, but keep reading and your questions will be answered!

The first look is great for a fun night out with friends. Pair your black bucket hat with a cute denim jacket, either fitted or baggy, a pair of skinny jeans, and either a tucked of cropped black shirt underneath. 

Next you can couple a bucket hat with an oversized t-shirt, and if you’re in the mood, try a tie dye t-shirt and matching bucket hat. For bottoms you can wear a regular pair of jean shorts either with the shirt slightly tucked in or not, or some biker shorts with white sneakers to top it all off.

The next three outfits are styled with denim bucket hats. The first one is a white blouse, either tucked into some denim jeans or a denim skirt, some adorable sandals,and a pair of cute dangly earrings. The second is a cropped t-shirt with some bell bottom jeans, accessorized with a small purse, some chain necklaces, and chunky sneakers. Lastly, pair your denim bucket hat with either a white bodysuit or turtleneck, some mom jeans, and white sneakers. Add gold earrings, bracelets, and rings to complete. 

This next bucket hat outfit idea is one of my favorites. Take a fun bucket hat (for me it’s one with tiny pineapples all over) and pair it with an oversized hawaiin t-shirt - if possible matching the bucket hat - and throw on some sunglasses, biker shorts and earrings. This can be worn in almost any scene, from a chill day out to a fun evening this outfit is cute, simple, and comfortable. 

This outfit can be worn to an outdoor concert of just hanging out with friends. Match a monochrome bucket hat with a fanny pack of the same color, a cute floral blouse or cropped shirt, and a pair of cargo pants. Accessorize with hoop earrings, layered chain necklaces, and even some cute rings. 

For a more casual look you can always try a pair of black sweatpants, black hoodie, and black bucket hat with some comfy birkenstocks and fuzzy socks if you’re so inclined for a day full of errands or just a lazy day in general. 

Last on the list is a more formal outfit that can be worn several ways. Starting off with a mini bodycon suit that you can match with your bucket hat in any color, you can keep it as is or add either a plain turtleneck underneath, or a cropped cardigan on top. Finalize with some black combat boots hoop earrings, and shiny lip gloss. 

Hopefully wearing a bucket hat isn’t such a daunting task anymore and you feel more confident going out in public with your new look. It’s always okay to make it up as you go, and see what works best with your style.