9 Ways to Pair Sneakers and Skirts for Spring

Around 72% of us feel that we have to wear high heeled shoes to keep up with the times. Unfortunately, 59% of us heel-wearing queens also experience pain in our feet and toes due to the uncomfortable shoes.

Luckily, there's no need to strap on the uncomfortable stilts anymore. Even if your favorite spring fashions include dresses and skirts, you can accent your style with a casual shoe and still dress to impress. 

From casual wear to office apparel, pairing sneakers and skirts for spring is a sure-fire way to show off those beautiful long legs without sacrificing comfort and style. 

Ready to discover the best pairings for your fashion-forward look this spring? Follow along to discover nine of the hottest trends for pairing your skirts and sneakers and rock these warmer weather days. 

1. One Shade Fits All

Springtime calls for softer colors and lighter fabric, so why not make your spring outfit pop with a monochrome pairing? Whether you choose to rock the white look from head to toe or opt for a soft pink to show off your girly side, pairing the same top, skirt, and sneaker color is a winner for style.

Accent your solid color look with a few subtle accessories, or top it all off with a spring-inspired jacket.

2. Denim Dream

What's a casual look without a little denim? If you're looking to take your beloved jeans with you into summer, a denim skirt could be your perfect partner. 

Whether you choose ripped or clean, long or short, the causal effect of jeans and denim makes it easy to pair any sneaker with your selection. Go for the classic white low rise sneaker, or take it up a notch with a colorful combo. Either way, you'll be strutting in style. 

3. Leather Lover

Nothing says sexy like a leather skirt to show off those long legs. As a bonus, the leather look is often classy enough to qualify as office apparel and can take you straight from the office to night club with ease. 

Accent your leather look with a high cut sneaker to bring an edgy appeal or lighten it up with the low-cut favorites. The shoe you choose will effortlessly dress up or down your leather style, so mix it up or make a statement with your casual footwear. 

4. Matchy Matchy

Tie your casual wear together with a matching top and sneaker combo. This allows you to get a bit creative with your skirt choices without looking like you've left the house in a rush.

Choose a fun pattern or color skirt and complement it with a cozy sweater or cardigan up top. Complete the look with your matching sneakers, and you've got a spring look that is warm and stylish for those cooler days. Mix it up with a short or long skirt option and add texture with plaids or stripes for an extra pop.

5. The Sporty One

Pairing sneakers and skirts for spring is one of the most versatile styles. If you're struggling to trade your leggings and yoga pants in for a lighter fabric this spring, consider taking your sporty look up a notch with this fashion-forward pairing.

Keep your sneaker choice athletic or introduce the popular white lace-up into the mix and pair with a tennis or golf skirt. This adorable pairing will show off your sporty side and is still suitable for an everyday casual look.

6. More Maxi

Everyone loves a good maxi dress or skirt. The long flowing material can keep you warm in the crisp spring mornings while sending the message that sunny days are on their way. 

With so many options to choose from, a maxi skirt is always a great option for your snazzy sneaker style. Let your leg poke through with a well-placed slit, or keep it flowy with silky materials. If you choose to go with a more formal maxi, just be sure to include another casual accent to tie your sneakers in.

A denim jacket or slouchy sweater is a great way to bring your office apparel back to casual wear with ease.

7. Fabulous Florals

What is spring without a floral print? Bring your best flowery style with your skirts and dresses, and keep them spring-ready with a solid-colored sneaker. 

Pull an accent color from your florals, or keep it classic with the never-fail white sneaker. 

8. Be Bold

Get creative with your colors, textures, and patterns, and make a statement with your sneakers and skirts for spring. Don't be afraid to pair unlikely pieces and tie them together with your accessories and footwear. 

Never doubt the power of a jacket to bring your out-there style to life and accent your bold choices. 

9. Color Confident

Got a color that makes you feel like a million bucks? Embrace your power shade by making it pop in your skirt and sneaker combination. 

Whether you add a bold red skirt to a spring color pallet or take it up a notch with bright and unique sneakers, your color confidence will have you glowing this season. 

Balance out your bright accent by keeping the other tones in your outfit subtle and clean. Neutrals and whites are always a winner to really make your power color pop. 

Find Sneakers and Skirts for Spring

From cozy casual to fancy florals, you can bring your unique style and sass to life with your favorite sneakers and skirts for spring. Use these nine no-fail pairings to strut into spring with confidence, or mix it up with your own cool but casual creations.

With so many fun and flirty options to choose from, you'll be wishing it was spring all year round. 

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Gia Rose Tribe