5 Trends Making a Comeback This Season 

What goes around, comes around. Especially when it comes to fashion! Fashion is truly timeless, and trends and styles from previous eras will always make their way back into style. 

Some of today’s top fashion trends are a combination of looks inspired by the 90s, 80s or other previous decades. 

Fashion history almost always repeats itself, so we’re taking a look at some of the top trends making a comeback this year to inspire your 2021 style. 

Boyfriend Jeans

One trend straight from the 90s has made its mark this year, and it seems to be here to stay for awhile:boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans and mom jeans were extremely popular in the 90s, and have made a strong comeback with a variety of new ways to style them. These jeans feature a loose, vintage-inspired fit that is super on-trend and pairs well with a variety of outfits. 

This high waisted style has loose-fitting legs that taper just above the ankle and sit right at your waist. They look great with sandals, boots and sneakers alike. Wearing mom jeans and boyfriend jeans is a great way to stay trendy and stylish all year long.  


The soft, often brightly colored hair bands that we used to know and love in the 80s have made their way back around.Scrunchies are in style again, and they make a super cute addition to your ponytail. They can also be worn around your wrist, like a bracelet, for a fun twist. 

These hair bands are giving us all the retro vibes, and we also love how much better they are for your hair health than a traditional black elastic band. Scrunchies are softer and create less friction and breakage on your hair, and they also prevent any bends or creases from forming in your hair when you wear it up. We call this a win-win. 

Silk Scarves

Thesilk scarftrend has recently come back into style with a nod to the 50s. Wearing silk scarves was popular during this era. Today’s iteration of the trend has been revamped, and people are wearing silk scarves in different ways than they used to. 

These days, we’re opting for creative takes on the trend like turning silk scarves into tops, or using them as hair accessories in a variety of styles. This is a fun way to repurpose scarves and stay on trend while being able to use one piece in a variety of looks. The silk scarf is a versatile addition to your wardrobe and great for spring and summer. 

Flared Pants 

Hello, the 70s called!Flared pants have officially made a comeback, and we’re loving this laidback look. We are seeing this flattering silhouette come back into fashion and being worn in a variety of ways. This retro style is perfect to wear to the beach, to a festival or even out and about on your daily errands! 

These pants come in a variety of prints, styles and fabrics and can be worn over a bodysuit or with a looser fitting top. No matter how you style your flared pants, you really can’t go wrong with this boho look. 

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are back! These cut-off, jean shorts are a trend from the 90s that has recently made a comeback. Bermuda shorts are perfect for incorporating into cute and casual outfits for an effortless, yet put together look. 

Bermuda shorts can also be easily dressed up with a romantic blouse and strappy sandals for a flirty summer date night style. However you wear them, you’ll definitely feel effortlessly cool. We’ll be rocking this style all summer long.